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what do you think please tell me
so new court date this week  july thur 16 130 the other side sent just the work ivoice  in .no time sheet daily logs that should show injury  that we did subpoena at the beginning of this  adventure .he the lawyer sent a statement saying they did not have a time clock or sheets that I recall  were his words in the letter lol..so    the judge called bs on that  and says subpoena duces tecum for the production of original documents at the hearing what does that term mean? then I found my employee packet  as he sent it to me before on a lack of vacation pay case I had with him  and there it states all daily times cards must be filled out correctly or you don't get paid  so  I sent it too the judge as It pertains  to the creditbility  on both my ex boss and the lawyer  and  is recorded too at the labor board as he sent it to them and I also got a copy .... sent this info to both my judge and there lawyer and reminded him that when the first worker was on stand  I ask him if he recalls sighning my daily time log as it stated injury he said he could not remember wether he did or didn't sighn the time sheet so I reminded him/ judge  about that... as that's the law here so that's why I post here whatnot as he the other side  already knows ive also have issues with my ankles they say they cannot rework surg wise  on them until fusion is needed ive also have major nuropathy? I have a arm surgery aug 16? re- relocation of ulner  nerve in pri left arm and some joint work too in there ...... so my boss/owner will be there and the worker who no habla English on last case hearing. that ive worked with for 7 yr I speak no spannish so how me and him spoke I guesse I drew pictures for him lol...  he also was on a other comp claim 2 yrs before were he didn't need an interpreter   the ombudsman said I did perfect on my side so may the force be with me thur the 16 ...also cause there is the multiple times of proof of lieing do I get more $$$ ......swat455..........
well today went down to ica to make sure faxes went through.. the ombudsman looked at the  new employee start up paperwork were it states you must fill your daily time cards to get paid and just shook his head  .  that he/ex boss sent to az labor board last year and half  as I was trying to get vacation pay he owed me so he sent those copys to labor board  in which have been on file since  all good there. got to my moms something told me too have my son look inside the giant shed we have outback that has our stuff inside he found a plastic folder bin inside were special chiller books etc and stuck in there 1 empty time sheet from my ex boss.. so just fired that cannon via fax to both parties.. telling judge how I found it and asking for it to be put in the case as our hearing is thur 16 and it pertains to the case as they the boss/owner and lawyer state there was no time cards even though the supervisor said there was on stand ...... so amped  you can tell its not new as its almost 3 yrs old been outside phx az in that case protecting it Big Grin this hole time... also said  in cover sheet that this just  shows that  my boss is lieing or both boss and lawyer are ..  will call ombudsman in morn to make sure the fax went through ....maybe the force is with me .. I wish I could just show up with this proof without havin to send to the def lawyer but its the law anything you send to judge you must send too the defendents lawyer ....swat.....I think I can really say im proud of myself with the way ive been fighting it ive got my list too ask ex boss .im ready ...
a lot can happen before you get your first benefit check. there will be time to celebrate after that.
litigation is a long road and often a disappointing one. keep your emotions steady and count on one or two surprises or set-backs before its over. but yes- be glad it's gone as well as it has--so far.
steady wins the race.

P.S. so you may need to ask him when he stopped the time cards and how does he document payroll and hours for the state since then
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
thank you for the reply and the tip . a good one .....ive added to zee list . I know he may appeal so im preparing for that too
I would not put anything on the internet that you do not mind your defense attorney reading. Any legal strategy should be kept in private. I am happy to read about your success and I want you to have more.
I am not an attorney.Anything I write should not be considered legal advice.I am writing from my own personal experiences,which is not from any sort of legal background. You should consult with an attorney over legal issues. In California, if you cannot get an attorney you can consult with an I&A officer.

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