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Update on move
Well I've not been here for a bit but we have closed on our new home and began the move a couple of weeks ago. We closed on the 2nd of April but they didn't turn over the keys until the 18th. We did the biggest part of the move last weekend and still don't have everything moved. Our PM doctor told Michelle and I we were not to move anything but didn't over to pay. lol Anyway it has been a hard time and we have been very sore from even just being up and moving so much more even if it is only to tell others where to put stuff.

My doctor has said she will write an order for a stair lift since this is a 2 storey house and I will let my lawyer go after my ex employer to pay for it. Wondering if they will put on in to go to the basement. It is not a place I need to get to very often but I do if anything needs done with the furnace or water heater and other things. I'm sure they are going to want to say no but I guess we will see.
Manley, I hope they don't put up to big of a fight. In our old house, I didn't get down stairs but maybe 6 times a year. I hated not being able to do the stairs. With our new house one end is ground level, the 2 other entrances are 4 steps so this wont be bad.

I know the pain of moving and I feel for your pain. Even though I didn't do much just being there directing where to put stuff was just miserable.

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