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The big adjustment...
We are all moved in to our other house, on the 1st our old house was sold at auction.. It was hard to walk away from our house but being injured and not having enough money coming in it was our best choice.. Our new house wasn't finished but we can work with it while were here.. Our well froze and burned the pump out, so we had to get a new one put in which set us back money wise so our bedroom is not finished and bathroom. We don't have running water in the house yet due to the pump freezing and the main line coming to the house is still froze, but have water in the pump house.. we lost all our snow last week, but just yesterday we got another 10 inches and rain and snow will continue all week. Its like being re-injured, baby steps ,slow and easy until we can get back on our feet again.

I don't get on here as much as I would like to, between the move and stress involved I just cant find the time. I now have to deal with fighting wc again over my medical. When I settled it was for open medical for life and they keep denying everything. The ins company says theres no way they are going to pay for all my medical needs per injuries. My lawyers involved now and now beating around the bush with medical release papers for records. The ins is saying they want to buy out my medical with a msa . I don't know if that is legal, considering we agreed with open medical when we settled..

I hope all is well with yous, bronco.
life goes on doesnt it?We were lucky we got to keep our farm and got a decent settlement but I didnt have to go as long as you all did and God knows that helped.I had a good lawyer and without one you cant make it.We think 99% of workmans comp claims are taken care of quickly but I wonder if its more like they dont come here looking for help or even know that they can.Courts sure are backed up tho
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Life does go on, just a change of life style. If I could have settled the same year they put me at mmi things for sure would be different.. I don't dis-like the house were in now, it is different but don't feel like home, but it will in time. We did put blood sweat and tears into this new house remodeling it, I do have a few scars to prove it...lol.

I myself have helped a few people from our town by heading them into the right direction with wc injuries. I am glad their injuries wasn't severe like many of us here. I asked some of them to join here but they were afraid of being noticed. but I know they came here and did a lot of reading..
if its all they do it gives them a jump up on what could happen to them
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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