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Stressed out and waiting
Hi everyone. Just looking for some people to talk to. I live in Pennsylvania. I got hurt on thanksgiving. Slipped on some ice, caught myself, twisted my knee. Did everything I was supposed to do, initial diagnosis from ER and my employers follow up doctor was an LCL sprain. Began receiving temps compensation. Two months later, still painful and swelling, employers doctor sends me for MRI. Complex, completely torn meniscus. At my 90 day review on Feb 25, employers insurance company conveniently denies my claim. I immediately hired an out of town attorney from a large firm with good reviews, got all my petitions filed and all my documents in order. I've never been treated for this knee period. My first hearing is on April 13. I'm lucky enough to have 10 weeks of paid leave accrued that I'm using now, but that will run out far before this is done. I just want my surgery and to go back to work. The doctor treating me is actually really good and is willing to testify for me, and my lawyer is confident. I'm just stressed out. I want this to be over. I still have 8 weeks of rehab when I get the surgery.
keep in regular contact with your employer; they don't have to keep a job open for you. it's your best chance at getting back to work.
if they have light/modified work it might help you get back your prior job.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I'm not worried about that end. Were a union shop and I applied for and received FMLA. We have no light duty

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