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questions about knee injury in NJ
I got injured last january when i slipped and hurt my knee on the ice and snow outside my job,

the first ortho told me i tore cartilage both lateral and medial and i had a scope ,

my knee was bothering me still so i had the shots for arthritis,

comp company sent me to an new ortho , who told me i re tore cartilage in the same knee, after reading the 2nd mri- so i had another scope ,

all the while i was going to PT,

then since my knee was still not getting better after a few months i had a 3rd mri, which showed loose bodies in my knee and more cartilage damage,

which dr removed.

Im scheduled to go back to work soon full duty

ortho got the arthritis shots approved again, after those are done he's going to send me to an FCE

then declare MMI since there will be nothing else he can do for me. I have very little cartilage left ...25 percent on one side and less on the other

he metioned a knee replacement being possible in the future but not now

I have an attorney, i was just wondering if anyone on the board had an opinion on what my PPD rating would be based on 3 surgeries to remove cartilage and a bad arthritis problem

i also have a 3rd party lawsuit going

thanks for your help
ratings are not based on what treatment was done (how many surgeries, how much pt, what meds, etc. ) or how long treatment lasted but on the extent of functional loss.
often measurements on range of motion, atrophy, strength etc, are used to compile a lower extremity impairment rating.
thus an impairment ratings can't be done on a message board or without a physical examination.
otherwise there obviously would be no need for a visit to a doctor for a rating; they could just look at your records/history.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Work comp will fight paying for a knee replacement, they will say the need for the replacement is due to arthritis not the injury.

Mine was a knee injury 2005, a complete tear of the cartilage .

I also had the scope and had great difficulty walking after surgery.

I could only walk with assist and sometimes had to use a scooter to get around.

It took 3 years in court with work comp sending me to 12 different doctors. All doctors said the knee replacement was needed with the exception of the work comp doctor.

The judge then sent me to her choice of doctor who said surgery was needed. (doctor13) Surgery was done 6 months later.

Do not let the insurance company place you at MMI if you need future surgery. Good luck!
12 different docs is ridiculous, and I'm an adjuster. ::Shaking head::

OP, if you and your attorney decide to move to permanency, you will be sent for evals with two doctors: one your attorney chooses and one the attorney for the carrier will choose. Typically, one doctor will establish a really high rating and the other will establish a really low rating...and then settlement will be negotiated from there. It really depends upon the venue and judge who will hear your case. Some judges in New Jersey will just make their own recommendations regardless of the perm eval reports.

For you, it sounds like you won't be settling for a full and final. So you'll have 2 years to claim worsening of condition and request additional medical treatment.

But like PP said, it's nearly impossible to know what kind of PPD you'll be getting. There's a lot of different factors involved; the year of injury, your wages, the judge hearing the claim, etc. etc.

Good Luck!

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