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CRPS Settlement
(03-25-2017, 10:13 PM)1171 Wrote: You don't have to close out your medical.
You can keep your claim open and get periodic payments. Have you reviewed the information from the links on this post?

I have reviewed many of the posts.  I understand many people have the option of keeping medical only.  Unfortunately, in my situation (since nearing settlement),  in order to "settle" it must come with my permanent resignation, closure of all claims, and closure of all medical.  However, they refuse to pay any amount towards the above mentioned clauses/conditions.  So needless to say, so far heading to trial.  My concern is, even if you win, in the end you still lose.  The company will still continue to fight any medical or C9's saying not medically necessary.  Almost every C9 filed has been denied.  I have multiple issues.  Had surgery and numerous injections and therapy under insurance for now.  Still unknown what else might be going on that has not been found yet.

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