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any of you all win a part of that big lottery?
I could use a rich uncle about now. There is snow on the ground not much but under that snow is ice then it snowed its to cold and dangerous for me to go out in. I slipped and fell again on ice last week and am very tired of it. I want to move to someplace warm and cheap to live. I dont want to sell my farm to buy somewhere else if nothing else this farm can feed us. I dont have large animals anymore just chickens but they give me both eggs and meat and except in the winter feed themselves on bugs and such. Altho I am finding it harder and harder to kill them for meat its just to much work. My best friends husband has cows and we can buy one to take to butcher much easier than feeding and taking care of one right now. I dont know about you all but beef here is so expensive you almost have to take out a bank loan to get much at the market so buying a half is better. Sorry just rambling
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

If you find a rich uncle I sure hope you also find out we are related. If my sister and he husband had not screwed us I'd be on a farm right now. Not worried about beef because I've been trying to cut down on that but really would like to have chickens just don't know how that would work in the winters around here.
Jayne if I ever hit a big power ball you will be on my list to send some money
Thanks Manley chickens do well if you have a warming light in their coop their feathers keep them fairly warm. They take very little work and if you just have a few you can feed them table scraps(no meat) along with their food. In the winter here we also give ours dry dog food on very cold days
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Wife has been thinking about having some chickens but we never have looked into the rules around here. I doubt we can have them. A friend has some so we can get farm eggs anytime. It's just a drive and the cost but he is cheaper then the store
alot of towns will let you have hens but no rooster ( because he crows) but if you have to have caged birds its not fair to them.They need and want to forage for greens and bugs that is what gives then the beautiful orange yolks caged birds give yellow yolks.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

We have a place where they could have some room to run around and not be in the way. Look at some of these shed places that make coops but I've never checked on a price. I'm sure it more then I'd like to pay but I think they would need something to keep them warm in the winter

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