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Well I guess i should update. We bought the house but have not closed yet. That is a couple of weeks away and we now have a good date for when we get it. The couple wanted up to the end of the school year so they would not have to move the kids but they have got the house they wanted and I think since he works in town he will just drive the kids to school the last month or so.
I'm sorry I have not done an update before now but I've just not known what to say. Everything has been busy worrying and stuff. We had a contract on the house we are in so we needed to work that out but the guy we have this with has been busy working. We worried we would get stuck with this becuase even without a contract right now I would not walk away and just dump this back on him. Found out the things we needed to Wednesday for this house and have 2 people wanting it. I'd like both to have it but one has first choice. He went to the bank the next day and can have the money to buy. They both will use it for rental property because it is a nice house just too small for the 6 of us. Even if her daughter and the 2 grandkids would move out I still wanted a garage and big yard for the dogs.
Friday i got my app in to adopt a military working dog that is retired. They just got 24 back from Afgan but are getting 150 back this year so we should be able to get one. My wife posted yesterday to let everybody know what we were doing about moving. All the family knew but she was letting everybody else know. Shortly after that post we got offered a free full blooded German Shepard puppy, well she is 8 months old. Not sure we can take her now even if we wanted to. Wife is worried a young dog will be trouble until we get moved and have the yard. So we will see.

Settlement has started off a real pain. They didn't have my med card so I could get my meds filled when I needed them. Went to the ER which they really can't do much with me being on Oxy so I got a shot and the boot, but they can pay the ER bill. Lawyer talked me into letting medicare cover my meds but they would not cover the Oxycotine as it was written only the oxycodone. Took 3 days of phone calls to everybody to get it changed and medicare to cover it. Nice thing is this way the cost is $100 more a month so in the end this is going to cost them more now for my meds. After we got this done their lawyer got me the number we needed to get meds filled and said that account was setup a month ago. Figured they were just screwing with me but it will cost them $1200 more a year now. Also running low on pain control for a few days made me understand how much my shoulder hurts so we are going to revisit that with the surgeon so this may cost them now. Need to really figure out the down side to have the surgery. The pain I have now maybe better then the pain after, not sure yet on that.
Guess I better stop boring everybody but thanks to those that take the time to read.

The one thing to end with is this house has been the first time I have been able to truly trust in the Lord to help things to go the way it needed to. This was in his hands so I feel good about it and now have an even bigger trust in God
Sometimes Manley its all we have.Faith just faith
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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