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Has anyone experienced problems with their total hip replacements
In the end of 2012, I was injuried at work while lifting and pushing large sheets of metal. At first I thought I might of pulled a muscle in my back. Severe pain in my lumbar region of my back and down one leg. After two weeks of unsuccessful home remedies I sought the assistance from my personal doctor. He felt I needed further testing such as a MRI. Immediately I got a wc attorney involved knowing that I didn't know the first hand of the wc laws of the state in which I worked. My employer had turned in the paperwork a week before, but later told me that the wc wasn't going to accept my claim.
Months passed before we had our first hearing. And almost six months had passed before I got to see one of the wc doctors for the very first time, at which time he said that it is hard to determine between back and hip pain. He ordered a MRI to be performed and the one item that showed up the clearest was a torn labrum in my hip. A hip scope was performed nine months after the injury followed by twenty-eight weeks of pt, two weeks of work hardening, and a FCE test. All along I was having severe pain that would not go away. I literally pleaded with the doctor to check the hip out but instead he put me at MMI.
I felt that if this doctor wouldn't check it out then I would get a second opinion in which I did. The end result of the second opinion was the first doctor removed excessive bone from my hip leaving me bone on bone. I was forced to get a total hip replacement which was performed thirteen months after the first surgery by a different doctor then the one who gave the second opinion.
It has been six months since the THA and my pain level increased after this surgery. Without pain meds living life hour to hour seems almost impossible and extremely painful. WC was ready to show me the door again as they attempted to scoot up appointments before the doctors wanted to see me again. Two of my doctors are concerned and want to find what is causing the extreme pain in my lumbar region down through my hip and occassionally to my foot.
In recent weeks, my opposite foot has been going numb which led me to believe I might have a pinched nerve in my back. But my overall concern is has anyone had any problems with a total hip replacement that made the pain worst after getting the THA? Iam currently taking ms contin and gabapentin to control pain which helps as long as I refrain from doing anything except resting in my chair.
Any feedback is welcomed.
your post might get more information from a medical website like medhelp.org since it is not specifically about comp insurance rules/procedures
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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