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Beyond Frustrated
Located and injured in state of FL
Injury occurred June, 2013, although injury is an RSI so developed over time. Bilateral carpal tunnel diagnosis, instructed not to use hands by dr. IME evaluated and confirmed diagnosis, attributed to work, also recommended limited use of hands. NCS showed bilateral cts, hand specialist was assigned by ins co, who at no point disputed work related injury. 12/13 had right cts release and was sent for physical therapy which had to be stopped soon after due to pain. Dr determined cts was not only problem and requested ins co approve a dequervain's release right hand. 5/14 had surgery for dequervain's, started therapy, stopped soon after again due to severe pain. Note at this point nothing has been done for left hand and right hand is still inoperable for simplest tasks such as folding laundry. Hand specialist frustrated and requested a second opinion as well as pain management specialist. Ins co ignored second opinion request and approved pain management. PM saw me for 5 minutes ordered a new NCS, which showed nothing new. Ordered an FCE, fce said after one minute of finite hand movements grasp decreases 80%, also stated I can do those types of movements from .5-2.5 hours a day (I am a bank teller, finite hand movements are imperative). PM barely glanced at report and sent me away saying it would be a good thing for my new hand dr to have (at this point i had no second opinion in the works because ins still hadn't acknowledged dr's request. Got a copy of a letter sent to state comp board two weeks later saying benefits were stopped and i could return to work. Called ins asked who released me, was told pm did no restrictions , only recourse was to request a change of physician, which I proceeded to do in writing which I then confirmed was received. Case worker said it could be weeks before dr she found decides to approve me as a new patient. I heard nothing for a few weeks and then after the holidays when i called to follow up i was informed my case worker was out, and someone else would be helping me. After a few minutes explaining that I was looking for the name and number of dr authorized to treat me, he informed me notes in file said dr would not take me as new patient, only a second opinion. I proceeded to ask why second opinion hadn't taken place since it was requested months ago, was informed my file was large and he would look through it and call me back same day. Next day I had heard nothing, called and emailed was informed he had no time for me at that moment and I could either wait or call someone else. I have heard nothing from him, or my caseworker in a month, not a peep from my employer on record. Trying to choose a lawyer when dealing with such a small amount of money seems to be an impossible feat. I have no idea if I have a job, and even if I do I can't do it, it also appears that my ins co no longers gives a crap as they have far exceeded their five days to get me a new dr.
it's not required that you have a lawyerin order to have a hearing.
you can file on your own.
more information on florida workers comp:
you should continue to look for an experienced lawyer in the meantime.
you can also get treatment at your own expense and seek reimbursement.
I'm not sure what you mean by a "small amount of money"?
most medical care for rsi conditions end up being expensive and serious cases cause disability in the thousands.
what if you can't ever return to your job? how much is that worth?
review the comp benefits from my link above to check on your assumptions about the value of your benefits.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Try calling the Employee Assistance office in your area. They can help you intervene with the adjuster or help you file a Petition for Benefits. A list of the phone numbers can be found here. http://www.workerscompensation.com/state...p?state=FL
Just remember nothing goes fast in the WC world. It can be so hard to deal with because they make you feel alone. Sometimes this is what they want, they would like it if you give up and go away. But that is the last thing you need to do. Arm yourself with all the information you can get and ask other for help. Many on here can help guide you during this. My case has been going on for over 9 years now but I hope is about to be settled, but I will have open medical so I'm never going to be done with them. Finding this site was one of the best things that could happen. They can put us thru so many things and it can make us feel so down so you need others to help you make it

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