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Do you have to sign to be done?
(01-17-2015, 10:38 PM)Manley2 Wrote: Thanks for the try. I've looked before and I think everything I found they want money. Only thing I hate about waiting is for the pharmacy not to get paid soon. I spoke with the owner and he told me to do what is best for me and not to worry about them, he said they would get paid in time. I'm told IL doesn't like to issue the fees for being late so that sucks. Found out the $32,000 figure my lawyer told me about was given to him back in Oct so that was from Feb 2012 until Oct 2014 so I'm not sure the total right now.

I'm almost thinking the reason they have delayed this is my lawyer was telling them we needed a card to cover my meds after settlement and I bet they were going to keep trying to get out of paying the bill

Heck manley I was also given a card for my open medical.. It don't mean squat, they still have to get approval to fill me meds and pre approval for medical needs.. Its a big gimmick and I complain all the time. I settled in aug 2013 and to this day the pharmacy tries to get approval and long behold I have to use my state medical ins.. This has been one thing that has bothered me and my attorney says all the time that he will get to the bottom of it.. Sometimes wished I would have done it with medical settled.
Well I asked and they told me without the card the only think they would do is bill medicare but if I had the card they would fill it. They have another person from same company and this is how it works for them. About all I know. Just know I don't want them trying to get medicare to cover anything they should be paying for. Now I do understand with open medical it doesn't mean they are going to pay for anything. They tried a couple of years ago to get them to stop filling my meds, they called them and said we had settled but a call to the lawyer settled that

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