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Carpal tunnel Against multiple employers
First post so sorry if error is made! State is maine. I developed carpal tunnel 2 yrs ago moving heavy stuff weight a few thousand lbs claim was denied for diabetis alone. Dr said its well controlled. Technically fired from that company after claimed was denied ended up getting a better job and had to wait for new insurance to cover surgery. Ended up working for 3 different employer through that company. Had surgery and surgeon said it was work related hired an attorney still in time frame for original claim. Lawyer He believe it's best for me to settle rather the get weekly benefits since I am able to collect unemployment. My question is we now have to go after everyone I've worked for since does then mean I would get more in settlements? Hands have gotten so bad then surgeon says I will have permanent numbness in hands
Being able to collect unemployment means you can still work.
I would check into seeing what/ how disabled I am, and what can be done to improve my condition before settling.
Always exhaust all medical options first before you settle. Suppose you could be better than you are, and you settled your case?
My question is we now have to go after everyone I've worked for since does then mean I would get more in settlements?

no. benefits are based on severity of injury not number of employers. not all claims receive settlements; only those with some permanent impairment.
generally finding mutliple employers is about who pays how much of your benefits, not how much you get.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Hey thanks for the response! Technically I could still do jobs well they can pay me to stand around which I go from 42 an hour to about 13. So it's a huge difference. I'm a union member so Its not like I have to go back to same employers. My lawyer seems to think that settleing is in my best interest because of what I would receive weekly for partial disability compared to lump sum. All I wanted was for workmen comp to pay for surgery and recovery time. Thanks again for the response!

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