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Happy New Year
I will say this early because depending on where you are the new year can be here at different times. Yesterday my day started at 3:30am because of pain so it was a long day like many are. Very seldom does my alarm wake me up in the morning any more.
I pray that for those of us that are suffering with an injury and that the new year will bring some relief. Maybe a new treatment. I pray those that are injured will not have to fight for the care and treatment they need. And more then anything else I pray that nobody new has to suffer a life changing injury in the first place.

Now I know the last one is a little out there and is not going to happen so maybe I should say a prayer that the people that make our laws should not be so focused on changing the WC laws to help the company owners save money and more to help those that are injured.

Hope everbody has the best 2015 they can, Happy New Year.
Happy New Year everyone!!!

Hubby and I went to the movies last night. Saw Night in the Museum. It was a good movie. One of Robin Willlams last movies.

Happy new Year to all!

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