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CA-Buyout Of Medical
(12-18-2014, 12:25 PM)1171 Wrote: not sure why you think it could go either way with the court unless the AME is very "wishy washy" or unreliable in their opinion.
just add the value for these conditions to your settlement number; most negotiations will end up just splitting the difference anyway.
if there was any additional TD periods related to them. make sure to including those amounts.
if there was any third party payers or self-procured $$ for the medical treatment of those, make sure they are aware of the AME opinion and get their lien filed.
the higher you can drive their potential payout the more negotiation room you make for yourself.

The IC has not accepted these secondary injuries as of yet. Been battling for this since 2011. Claim was added by attorney and have gone to two different AME's, specialists, my own outside specialist that I paid for and all reports are in my favor. The AME reports clearly state the secondary injuries are related to primary claim so I think I'm on solid ground with the reports. The report from AME in my primary injury was in my favor too. The IC got that rated significantly downward before the judge in that portion of my case despite solid medical evidence, my attorney arguments etc.

Making sure everyone gets their liens filed. Not signing anything until I know IC is going to pay providers, reimburse out of pocket to me, and not leave me stuck with a bunch of additional bills they haven't paid.

(12-18-2014, 02:38 PM)California_Help Wrote: Do you have an attorney....as you mentioned AME?

Yes, I have attorney. Just don't want to be pressured to settle when clearly this secondary injury report is in my favor. The IC needs to reimburse me for the out of pocket as well as the value of this.

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