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Manley and all members missing in action
Just wanted to say, Manley, CF and all our forum friends not posting lately.

You are missed!
I hope Manely is ok. I know he was having severe health issues.
Good to see you on the forum Scooter.

I worry about our forum family when they are not posting.

Sorry to be MIA. For some reason my account got banned and I made another one to get in a see what was happening and it got banned. Before that happened I was able to PM jayne and I think she was able to get the word to the admin and fix what ever the problem was. Need to get back on here for sure because I could use the friends. Had a gallbladder attack back in Oct and got sooooooo lucky the surgery had somebody cancel the next day so I got in and had it removed. It was so inflamed that had to make the hole bigger just to get it out. Also had to do a bunch of scrubbing inside to get things cleaned up. Ran a fever for the 3 days I was in the hosital and my pulse ox was only running 90 when on room air. Was told they would not release me but I guess because I had medicare and medicad at that time I needed to go. Doing better now but still having some pain from it I shouldn't have. Spoke to my doc when we took our son and the wife in and she wanted to see me if it didn't get better but I've not gone in.

Glad to be back guys and sorry I didn't check in before
I'm still around.
My son fell off a roof, and broke both ankles, so he's been keeping us kind of busy.
At least he didn't get hurt at work.
Dusty and Manley, good to see you both posting.

Dusty that is awful about your son, I hope he is doing okay. I broke major bones of the right ankle in 1997, along with shattering the elbow and 20 breaks in the right arm. Haven't been roller skating since.

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