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Winter is knocking down our door.
The past 2 weeks we have had total of 8 inches of snow and temps in the teens.. Now starting the am hours its gona hit hard slow at first with a few inches by daylight but then by tues morning 16 to 24 inches. They have put utility crews on stand by because they figure big power outages.. Looks like candles and extra blankets , atleast its cold out so we can put stuff out side to keep froze..

I have been having trouble lately with my teeth, I havnt been to a dentist since they said I had mouth cancer.. I couldn't get in anywhere except for the dentist that mis diag me with cancer. Anyways , the 2 dentist that were there before no longer are there which was a load off my mind.. I have 2 teeth that needed to be pulled 2 yrs ago but I have had no pain with them until a bit over a week. They decided to give me new exrays of the 2 teeth, I must have sat there waiting 1 hr after. I asked the assistant what was taking so long, they were getting another opinion from another dentist.. The dr came in the room and told me the 2 are dead and need to come out, but said he cant do it.. He then asked me if I was in a accident and or had head trama. I said why, he said my jaw bones on left side show signs of old fractures that he believes caused the back 4 teeth to die,,. I hadn't never thought of that, and I have never had exrays of my face after the mva, I did have beeding in the brain and2 cuts across my forehead. I was in a coma for almost 2 months on a ventilator and feeding tube so it was never addressed. I'm supposed to have oral surgery tomorrow to have them cut out instead of being pulled. I don't know if I can get wc to pay on this one without a drawn out path.. I don't want % money, but if this is from my accident I want them to pay for for the partial I will need knowing I have lost every tooth behind my fang tooth.

I don't get on here as much as I used to, but I can see many of yous must be keeping busy as not much for posting.. I have been trying to spend time away from the computer as it has caused caos with my back .. Not realizing, eventhough I thought my chair was perfect for me its getting harder and harder to get up. Plus dom requires a lot more of my attention in his stages. I have been playing around with my meds on taking them on different times and I have managed to force myself every other day to cut my morphine to 1 per day. Its hell at times but I am seeing results in my thinking and not being as tired. No one in my family had the balls to tell me I'm a big butt head when I take my morphine. If they had been honest with me from day 1 I might have been able to convince my dr to try something different.. But I admit now I'm addicted to not only the pain control but the effect it gives my mind. Hopefully by the next refill date I can prove to my new dr ti switch me back to oxycodone or percocets....

Praying all goes well with your appointment Bronco.

Dennis had to get several teeth pulled before the surgeon would do the heart surgery. No fun but you will be happy once it is over with.
Thanks bummer, I had to re schedule , this snow storm is pounding us and nit worth driving in it, The main problem tooth really don't hurt other than gums are swelling and is infected. They put me on antibiotic but don't seem to be helping yet,

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