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back injured and lawyers are not helping
My case is in Illinois I was injured in 2007 ended with lumbar and cervical fusions I hired a lawyer right off because I had a previous back injury in 1996 with same company and new the fight I was in for. In 1996 injured lumbar lifting merchandise had a fusion on l4,l5,s1 in 98 after fight for the surgery and was fine whent back to work full duty in 99. In 2007 was getting paperwork out of back of semi and had pallets and merchandise fall on me work to me strait to theire doctor who sent me for xrays and ct came back said it was just strained neck and back muscles sent me for therapy for 2 months but just made things worse so he referred me back to the nurosurgen that did my first surgery he ordered new ct and mri with contrast and it showed new cervical hernias and lumbar damage to old fusion and 2 more disc were hernited on lumbar since my neck was giving me the worse trouble we decided that would be my first surgery which was done without no trouble from wc they paid for everything was paying my wc and everything then six months after surgery we started to try to get ready for my lumbar surgery and that was when they started the fight cut my workers comp off completly stopped approving any treatment or meds. So I called my lawyer to see what could be done he said that his brother was taking on my case for him so I talked with him and he said he would call them to get things started again but never did get anything started again had husbands insurance pay for my lumbar surgery and therapy which was done in 2008. Then soon after my job refused to let me come back to work unless I could go back to full duty unloadin trailers but I couldnt. So I was off work again called lawyer and found that brother was no longer on my case had transfered to a new lawyer all together so now he is giving me the run around and I dont know what to do have called other attorneys but none will take case because to many lawyers are invollved.I managed to get my ssd in 2010 and my lawyer now said that is what has stopped my case from going forward because they are waiting for wc insurance to ok what ssd want for medical coverage for the rest of my life on my neck and back then they said that my injuries are not work related and when I ask my lawyer about just taking it to trial he has excuses and doesnt want to. And now my back and neck doctor has retired so I have no dotor because wc refuses to pay for anything and all docors I talk to are not willing to take me in. Told lawyer gave him list of docors that my neorosurgen gave me me and he said he would make phone calls and get me in to see someone. Is been over month ive tried to contact lawyer but cant get answer. What are opptions and is there a reason that we cant go to trial and have judge decide what to ndo for me. Please help me I need it.
geez I feel for you but way above my pay grade....1171 and Tim Belt will be along to help you out.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

(10-21-2014, 05:32 PM)jayne Wrote: geez I feel for you but way above my pay grade....1171 and Tim Belt will be along to help you out.

hope some one has an ideal if I should keep trying tp find another lawyer or any ideal on what to do about doctor.
yes you should keep trying to find another lawyer.
here are some places to look:

it sounds like your case is very complex and much time passed. your case likely will take a lot of work in order to get ready for trial. most attys have many newer cases with simpler issues that they can prepare and resolve more quickly. this makes it difficult for you to change attys.
keep trying to find a new atty -- try smaller one person lawyer offices who might be willing to take on the extra work.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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