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Injured New York Workers - Class Action
I am an injured worker who has joined together with two other injured workers to initiate a racketeering lawsuit against the State of New York, multiple insurance carriers and corrupt IME's in order to question the constitutionality of Workers Compensation Law.

If you are an injured New York worker, who believes corruption has infiltrated your case (which may include your attorney), then please e-mail protectamericasinjuredworker@roadrunner.com.

This is a class action lawsuit. Individual claimants would be responsible for a pro-rata share of court expenses, but the attorneys work on contingency. The statute of limitations is four years, so if you experienced corruption which may include improper denial of medical benefits, improperly denied disability benefits, lack of due process, or saw coercion or collusion between attorneys (both insurance and claimant attorneys) or the Judge or claims examiners, key parties, etc., at the Board, you may be eligible to be part of this lawsuit.

This is not a solicitation. Your case will be evaluated based on the merits. This legal action will take about seven years, so this is a commitment to be made by those who believe the NYS Workers Compensation agency is corrupt, and has mishandled their case through a system of mail or wire fraud (illegal communications) including destroying or deleting evidence, withholding key medical information from independent medical examiners or the Board, violating privacy laws, falsifying signatures, misrepresenting material fact, or coercing doctors in an attempt to control medical care of an injured worker.

There is power in numbers. If you have experienced significant damage, including non-recovery because of denial of standard medical care, please contact me. There is a pattern of behavior in New York which cannot continue to go unchallenged.

In addition, a US Dept of Justice investigation has been requested.


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