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The storms yesterday morning rocked us really good. We have been without power since 10am yesterday, they claim it could be Monday before its back on.. The timing couldn't be worse right now as our lows are hitting low 40's. We went and borrowed my dads generator so at least our meats wont spoil, it cant operate our furnace but that's what extra blankets are for....lol. As of 10am 40,000 without power, we were lucky as far as damage goes with just a few trees went down but 25 miles north will take a lot of clean up.
Prayers for all in your area Bronco.

I live in the country and with storms we are last first to loose power and last to get it back. With an ice storm about 8 yrs ago we had no electricity for 14 days. The last few days my husband was able to borrow a generator so we would have limited lights but by then we had lost most of what was in the freezer.
We have a back up genset. It pays for itself, when the power goes out here, it stays out for at least a week. It's big enough to run the well, or the dryer, but not at the same time. Usually they cut the line to the few houses we are on, so the main line can be put back in service, and come back later to fix whatever is wrong in our area.
We also heat with a wood stove, so we never run out of heat.
Will give you some heat if we could get it up there. Was around 90 here and almost that in humidity. Stay warm and hope your power gets back on soon
it came back pn.....yea
Glad your ok bronco. We lived on the Midwest for 25 years. Had our share of tornados and power outages.
Scary stuff.

Be safe!!!!
I love the storms and would love to be a tornado chaser.I refuse to go into a celler I like to stand outside in it and marvel in the power of God.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

We did that several times Jayne. Last time was late at night and pitch black. Stood on the front porch and heard wind.....nothing else. Went to bed and got up the next morning......the neighborhood was destroyed. Tornado came down our road and uprooted trees, smashed cars, tore off roofs and we never heard a thing. Our home wasn't touched. We had one small limb down and a piece of metal from our breezeway was off. Looked like a bomb hit. It's funny how they can hit one home and skip another. Took me 3 hours to get to work that morning which is usually a 15 minute drive. Not one person was killed.....just broken bones.
Temp here this morning is 67 and way to cold for this time of year in Kansas.

I so needed to be in the swim pool yesterday but it was just to cold!
Have been a storm spotter for almost 20 years but since I got married this time and now with my injury it's pretty much over. I still keep an eye out from the house and have a radio to keep informed or to let them know what is going on in my area or what I can see. Miss getting out there and doing the real spotting

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