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screwed around...
Hi, I was injured back in October of 2006, had problems getting stuff going, finally in June I had surgery on my shoulder. I worked my butt off in therapy to get back in order and hopefully get myself back to work. Now I was cleared to return to work as of 9/17. I contacted my human resources department on 8/29 about getting a job rolling, she was going to talk to my old supervisor about me returning there. Two weeks later when it is close to time to return I called to see what had happened, and found out that she never did anything with it. On 9/19 I met with my old supervisor about returning to a day shift position on her floor and she said she did not know what positions were currently open, but she would get back to me by the next day. Finally on 9/21 I hear back from her (after I called and left several messages) and she says that she just filled the positions I wanted on day shift, but I could take a pm or night shift instead. Now, for this whole week I am not getting paid because my doctor cleared me and I am not working because they have not "found" me a job yet. This just does not seem right legally...They are totally screwing me around...HELP!! Thanks!
P.S. I am in IL. And if more info is needed just let me know, I just tried to keep the post shorter...
If you were out of work on FMLA, that only protects your job for 12 weeks , at the end of that time you have noquarantee of the same position, I would suggest you take what is offered untill something you want comes along, Or you can be terminated. I,am also from Illinois.
Here in NH my co. used the FMLA also. But when i went in to see HR and my boss they told me they were by law to keep my job available for 18months. If i would of went back to work for them now, i would have my job still. Dunno how that works for you there. Obviously it is not the same as NH. I wish you the best.
carpal tunnel recurrence/ neuropathy / RSD.
1/29/07 injury date. Permanent. PIR settlement 8/4/08 10%

I've seen this happen alot with my employer. They will give an IW work BUT they chang
e the hours, give them the dirtiest of jobs, never return to them to their pre-injury job evern IF they can do it. It's a real game of theirs. Wish you luck.

Hi all, thanks for your support here, I know every case is different, it's just nice to talk to others... and vent too I guess... =)

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