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Law Firm "Inattentive"
NJ On 12/07/12 a truck pulled out from a dock where I work. I was injured, hip, back. Out for 1 month. I went to a local atty office and hired them. At time I asked for CC of ALL CORRESPONDENCE between my attorney and IC. They have never complied. In the 1.7 yrs this law firm has had my case I have had 3 different lawyers. Each time I found out I had a new attorney only when I called for a status update. When I wrote email complaining, I was asked to come to office where the office manager dressed me down, saying I made "waves" & I hired the firm-not a particular lawyer. I said I like to KNOW WHO my attorney is, that I have a right as client to be notified. And I don't conduct business without meeting them. He said I would've been mailed a letter. And that
my case is neglible (BS, I believe was the exact term used) Never got THAT letter, btw, nor the two others when the next two lawyers were taken off (each time I found out on status inquiries!) Finally, in the middle of settlement negotiations another change. And now the latest attorney missed my court date due to her vacation, and the "substitute" could not
"make it". Finally a demand for (sect. 20?) for $17500 was countered with a $3800 offer by IC, (100 days later btw) which my "attorney", says I should take, w/a 2 yr period to reopen. A 3rd party Case is involved at commencement of WC case.

Have I been ethically misrepresented?
they should have a copy of those letters in your file; lying is never ethical behavior.
you can find information on Attorney ethics in New Jersey here:
there are also links to file a complaint.
in a large law firm assigning attys to cover each other's cases and court dates is customary rather then rescheduling appointments and appearances to avoid conflicts.
while missing a court date is not a good business practice, it does happen and is not considered a breach of ethics unless there is some penalty levied.
you should consider changing law firms; preferably a single atty operation specializing in workers comp and can provide personal service.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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