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Problems find me
Well they never went over my blood work at the hospital other then to say it showed the injection. WOuld think he would have said something but who know.
Only a CBC would show a low hemoglobin count. It's a specific test.
Well I didn't get a check today so we will see if they decided to stop paying me. Was wondering last week when she canceled our rehab meeting for the next 2 weeks if something wasn't up. Now the check could be just lost but we will see. Told my lawyer if they have stopped it I just need a letter from him and I will go get public aid. Also will get the money they offset my SSDI by too. Need to see what the public aid will be but I think with everything I will be a little better off if not about the same in the end. Those are the two places that will not just believe you that the WC has stopped. There are a couple of places that will help and all the needed was for the wife to tell them our income, they believed her when she told them WC has stopped paying.
When I talked to my lawyer about a month ago about stopping this rehab we talked and he figured my income would not be bad once I got things like SSDI to stop the offset. I didn't want it to be me that stopped the rehab so them stopping the checks just looks better for me any way.
I hope it all works out for ya, when they cut my checks we also went to see what was available for aid. There is no funds available(cash) in our state but we did qualify for food share, wich was around 200 a month, and we got state medical plan that we had to pay just over 200 a month for the whole family and then come fall we were able to get help with electric bills. It all helps when we need it....

Any foul moves by wc will help in the end...
Manley, I have been thinking about you and wondering how your scan turned out?
I have been saying extra prayers for you.
Well I don't know yet. I have a doc appt with my regular doc so I hope she got a copy. They said they should have it out to the doc's in 3-4 days. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. My kidneys have been hurting tonight for some reason
Saw my reg doc for my shoulder which is going under WC and a new WC injury and will be seeing an ortho doc. Talked about my CT and it didn't show any stones so I don't know if that is good or bad. Did show what they call sludge in my gallbadder. Like a fool I had a small bowl of popcorn last night and had a gallbladder attack. She did some blood work I needed done but until I get the scope on my bladder I don't think we will know much more. That is not until the 19th but I think the wife is going to call them and let them know my SCS seems to be masking some pain I have in my kidneys. I shut it off the other day when I had the CT just because I would be laying down and they say it doesn't hurt for it to be on during it I still like shutting it off. Once I did I felt some pain in my kidneys. Since I wasn't noticing any before and I think the SCS was helpng she wants to tell him in case they will get me in sooner
Well I had my scope on my bladder today and everything looked good. Still have trace amounts of blood in my urine but they had sent of to have it tested for what ever they would look for to show cancer and that came back good. Only thing they are thinking is a kidney stone or I'm just going to have traces of blood in my urine. Happy that it is not cancer but still not sure what to think. I've not had any real pain like in the past with kidney stones but not sure if the SCS or just the pain meds hide that
Well not sure if this will help my case or not but yesterday I talked with a state rep about work comp. Went over most things about my case and he called a congressman for me. Waiting on them to call me. One of the main things I spoke to him about was how I felt it was wrong for medicare to be paying my bills and work comp will pay them back if we ever do settle. I feel they should not only have to pay medicare back but also pay a penalty. Why should they not pay for not taking care of these bills over the last 4 or 5 years. I know if they can't show a good reason for not paying for my meds over the last 18 month there could be a 50% penalty, and that bill is around $9000.
Glad your scope went well. That's a huge relief for you and your family.
You could very well have a kidney stone bouncing around in there and making your kidney bleed and the pain being masked by the pain meds.

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