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Problems find me
Manley with my last injection it was ordered by the work comp doctor per the lumbar spine. At the appointment the doctor wrote the orders for the injection and did some testing by pushing down on the top of the head resulting in the cervical spine injury.

The following week was the appointment for the injection done outpatient at a surgery center. I remember sitting in the waiting room with the neck and head hurting so bad fighting a migraine and trying to keep from passing out.

I was taken back for the injection and the doctor took the blood pressure, it was 159/115, very high for someone with low blood pressure. The doctor was going to put a halt to the injection but I asked him to go ahead a do it.

I felt relief within a couple of day.

Later that week the cervical MRI showed the large herniation, displaced nerve roots and pressure on the spine resulting in the need for the ACDF.
Happy birthday Manley! ( I know, day early)
Hope that today will bring you good news!
Thanks and it's okay to be early. I'm praying tomorrow goes well too
It's tomorrow......waiting to see how you did at the doctors.
Happy Birthday!!!!
Thanks for the birthday wishes.

Well I saw the other doctor in that office and don't know much more then I did. He is going to look into this as badder cancer because that is a possible cause. I still have blood in my urine so next week I get to have a CT with contrast and they didn't have time to do the scope today so that will not be until the middle of Aug. They are going to run the urine for anything to do with cancer and check the blood work. Sorry I needed to talk to all my family before I wanted to post anything but I don't think any of them look here. My son had just called me after he got off work so he was the last one I needed to talk to.
Wife is freaked out and worried but I don't see knowing anything more until after the scope. This could still be from the infection I had or it could be they might not figure out why this is happening. Kind of figured I would not really know much more today. Thanks for caring.
Happy Birthday Manley!!!
I'm sorry the news is still not definitive in giving you an answer to your issue.
That's good they are doing a CT next week and hopefully will have the results of that to you shortly thereafter. The doctor should have the results of the scan within a few days after it's completed.
Cancer is a scary word, as I am sure you know all about from the prostate.
On a positive note, bladder cancer is very treatable.
I will keep you in my prayers Manley.
Hugs to you
Happy Birthday!
Hopefully it is something simple that requires minor treatment
Thanks for all the BD wishes and health issues. I'm just not sure what to think at this point. For the last few weeks about 3-4 hours after I get up in the morning I feel like somebody just pulls the plug on me and I can't keep my eyes open. If I'm home I fall asleep for around 2 hours. In just a couple of days it will mark 18 months of this voc rehab and I don't think that has helped. She has been wanting reasons I don't apply to job links they send me. One this week was for a clothing store. Asked her how much she thinks they sit and she said you should be able to sit most of the time. Wonder what world she comes from. I just get tired of talking to stupid people. And like when they list you need to have 2 years prior experience in something I don't have and she says well that doesn't mean they will not hire you. That is just what they would like she say. I ask well then why do they say MUST have.
If you have been having blood in your urine for 3-4 weeks and your feeling like " someone pulled the plug" a few hours after getting up.....it could be low blood count.
If your hemoglobin is low, that could account for the fatigue.

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