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Problems find me
Well couldn't get on here until today. Saw my doctor yesterday and I still have blood in my urine and she doesn't know why. Also said she was surprised it didn't show any protein. But this was also just the quick test they do in the office, they were sending it off. And she wanted me to see my urologist. Called and they were going to call me back. He is booked until Sept. They called today and said he could squeeze me in in a couple of weeks so I guess we wait
Sounds like they were sending it off for a C&S to rule out an infection.
If your still have bleeding, I would push them for an appointment that is sooner than a few weeks away.
Is there more than one urologist close to you?
The quick test they do in the office didn't show any sign of infection but she was clear their test doesn't not tell anything as well as a lab will so who knows on that part. I could have seen his PA in a week but they were pretty sure they were going to need to scope me so that would take him. He is only in town on one day a week is why he is so busy. Not sure who else is in town. The one I had when I had cancer since left town because of the way that hospital was wanting him to do business. And my family doctor left for the same reasons so I have no interested in going to that hospital for anything so I think the one I have is my best choice for now
Hopefully you can get in sooner with someone. If your still bleeding that is not something to wait a few weeks for care. Will say some prayers that you will be seen soon.
Sad part is my appointment with him is on my birthday. Will suck to have a scope run up there on that day. Never seems like my birthdays ever go right any way so I guess it will be normal
(07-11-2014, 10:46 PM)Manley2 Wrote: Sad part is my appointment with him is on my birthday. Will suck to have a scope run up there on that day. Never seems like my birthdays ever go right any way so I guess it will be normal

Well for this birthday,I am praying you get good news that all is well!!!
Got a shot in my back on Friday and sadly it provided only a little relief. Normally right after a shot you get some relief if from nothing more then the stuff that helps numb it for the shot. He must not have given me anything with it to numb it because it maybe felt a little better right after. A couple of weeks will tell if it did anything or not.
I didn't really want to but there was a local gun show this weekend so I decided to give it a try. The room is the size of a hockey rink so it is not very big but I still had to sit down only half way thru. Best thing about the day is a friend is a dealer so after I finished looking at the show I got to sit down at his booth and visit. Sitting there getting to visit with not only this friend I got to visit with other friends that came by too. Paying for it today but it was worth it to get to see some friends I've not seen for awhile. Really wish I had a cart to be able to take when I go to things like this so I could get out more. Don't want to depend on one because I know I need to walk as much as I can or I will get worse faster. If that sounds right any way.
The look ahead for the week is by birthday on Tuesday but I have my appt with my urologist on that day so we will see how that day goes. Wife told me to buy myself something for my BD but really didn't find anything at the show I would consider a BD gift
Have you checked into second hand scooters? Saw one the other day that had sold at a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store.
I hear you about walking. I also try as much as I can but get short of breath very easily lately and my stamina is hugely decreased. And to think that I was able to run on a treadmill 7 months ago. Sad
I don't get out much either and I told my spouse that I can't imagine "this is life now". I haven't been able to drive since the accident and even walking around a small store is extremely difficult; going grocery shopping is something I can't do at all unless I use a store scooter. I'm young but stuck with this broken body that WC doesn't want to provide me with the medical care to fix the injury.

I'm glad you did get out and see friends. Sometimes the pain is worth it to have some sense of normalcy at times; even if only for short periods of time.

Do you have any agencies in your area that help with the cost of a scooter? There are also families of nursing home residents who pass away and they donate their scooter to someone who needs one. Goodwill also has them occasionally.
Do you qualify for medicaid? They have one time grants to help with mobility devices and even ramps for your home.

Those injections ( I assume for your back), sometimes take a few days to a week to fully take effect. They recommend doing nothing after the shot so that the medication stays in that area. If your active after, it tends to spread out more and is less effective.
Still praying for you for good news when you visit the urologist!
Manley I sure wish you lived in our area of the country. I have a jazzy scooter in m my booth at the flea market and have it priced at $300.00, nothing wrong with it but a small tear in the vinyl on the side of the cushion.

I've gone thru nine ESI's in the lumbar spine and if I remember correctly it takes a couple of weeks to feel the effects of the injection.

I just had the 2nd injection in the knee Friday. I have one more injection to go. The surgeon tells me it will take a month before I notice a difference.
I keep an eye out for a scooter but more power chairs have been up for sale around here. The trouble even then is nobody seems to sell anything to haul them with. Looked at medicare and at one point I thought it read that they only do the ones you use in the home and that is not were I need one. Plus I could never get around in the house with one. Then I thought somebody posted a better link were maybe they do. Even if medicare did pay they would try and go after WC to recover the funds.

And I know it takes a week or more before these shots will help. I normally feel some relief from the meds they use when they do them but I sure didn't this time

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