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Advice Needed! Ex-husband took my settlement money!
Any advice would really be appreciated. I was hurt in a metal factory in western New York. I have had two back surgeries. About seven years ago, I was pressured into taking the settlement. My lawyer stated that they could revoke my workers' comp payments if any one saw me do small things such as carry groceries. My ex-husband (2nd husband - we married in our forties) also really pushed me into it. He owed a large amount of money over a rent-to-own house that was paid off by the seller, but not paid off by him to the bank. I gave in, and took a settlement of $74,000. I was told to keep $26,000 in a savings account for medical bills, and that Medicare would not cover anything that had to do with my hip or back until I could prove that $26,000 was spent on the care of my back and hip. My husband nagged and belittled me until I had given him all the money. In return, he gave me a STD. I have since left him, and I have nothing to my name. My divorce lawyer said that I had given him the money while we were married, so it was gone. It did not matter that my husband promised to pay me back and take care of me for the rest of my life. So, here I sit, broke and broken. I have since fallen and have terrible back pain. I am in constant pain, and am unable to work. I am 55-years-old and live in a tiny apartment with nothing. Can anyone offer advice? Could Medicare be convinced to cover my new back pains? Are there any agencies that could offer assisance? I know there is a slim chance anyone can help me, but I thought I would try. I am so miserable, and any ray of hope would be appreciated. Thanks for letting me share.
you are confusing parts of the body with injuries.
Medicare will not cover your back treatment due to the work injury.
Medicare will cover your back treatment for the recent fall; they are two different injuries to the same part of the body. Medicare does not exclude body parts.
as long as you have a medical opinion that your current need for treatment is from the recent fall and not the work injury you should be fine for medicare.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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