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its spring in Oklaoma
that means tilling and planting and weeding...It means the A/C goes on one day and the heater the next,which means hell on twisting backs and joints....have already had some of the best spring veggies. When I can get out of bed....I am gonna to hit the pool the kids have been enjoying it for the last 3 days....you all be careful of the storms
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Been wondering how you are doing Jayne.

This year we only are doing a container garden as it is something I can do myself.

Dennis has restrictions for the next five months that will prevent him from taking care of a garden.

Lots of storms is south central Kansas today and a little rain.
Here it is humid and hot and I am not doing so good I have been doubling up on meds and still cant get enough pain relief to sleep more than an hour or so.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

It's warmer here today then it has been so far. Glad I got out yesterday but I'm paying for it today. Had a B17 at a local airport so we got out for that so it was worth the extra pain. Might never get to see one flying again you never know.
Jayne for me it has been hard to get any good sleep in bed. Use to lay on my side most of the time but I've not been able to do that for months so I don't get much sleep. Now I find myself falling asleep even when I'm watching something I really want to. Been using the pain patches as well as the meds to help but they only can do so much.
I see you guys have been getting so really hot weather for this early so I hope maybe it will cool back down soon and give you some relief.
It is finally spring here also, we do have some snow where it is well shaded by tall pines. There is no such thing as planting gardens here until another month, the ground is still way to cold. Everything is starting to green up, the last few days has been near 70 and have been getting our fair share of rain. The river down the road is almost at its max, they have opened the dams but the level is rising. Wed it will turn cold and there saying snow is coming.

With the weather raining, then cold then snow the changes have been taking a toll on me. I'm trying my best to not take extra pain meds, I have been trying to cut back to 1 morphine per day. What I have noticed is, I am not so tired in late afternoons but by 7 pm its either bed or my chair. My wife has seen a change in my aditude as being not so grouchy so maybe I can prove my dr wrong so he will change me back to oxy.

We did manage to take dom out fishing with his very first fishing pole. Its a learning expierence for him but my wife had to go in the lake 3 times to get his pole.......lol.

[Image: wjv0ue.jpg]
Rain, thunderstorms and tornados are the thing this spring in Kansas.

I will take the rain and the thunderstorms increases hubby's business this time a year but will pass on the tornados.

Took hubby to the doctor this morning and of course he wanted me to drive his truck which I drove on the interstate around Wichita in the high winds and heavy rains thru road construction. So glad to be back home.
come on Kathy I love my big truck and when it comes to city driving I wanna be able to see whats coming at me....

........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I use to love big trucks, a long time back now I had a lifted Chevy 4x4. Today I have trouble getting in one. The wife and I both like something we can just turn and sit in the seat and not have to climb up to get in or even worse climb up to get out of it. But it is still nice to see around you when on the road
Definitely Spring here. 91 yesterday; Thunderstorms and Tornadoes watches and some warnings. Mosquitos everywhere; Saw my 1st snake of the year a week ago; It was a copperhead about 2 foot long.

Yes spring is here but we do have a cold front pushing thru with lows in the 40's and highs in the upper 60"s wed and thur but back to upper 80's by Saturday.
Had a car wreck in 2003 while on the job. Settled in Jan. 2012 with Indemnity pay and a MSA. Approved for SSDI in March 2006. Was declared PTD at IME in 2009. Took approx 3 years to finalize the WC settlement. ALWAYS use spread language when settling Indemnity or SSA will nail your fanny.
Well yesterday it was 85 outside and right now it is 58 and it's 3:30 in the afternoon. I'm not sure what time of year it is

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