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advice non-union collarbone and pain
Im a new York state civil servant. I work as a custodian at a local school district. 9 years.
around 6 years ago I broke my collar bone on my own time, it healed and I returned to work with no problems. I had full use of my arm, no problems at work, swimming, golf, everything was fine.
in oct of this year I rebroke it at work. I was closing a stuck window and took a weird fall and heard it pop. the district has now said
all the windows in that building need to be replace as they are a hazard to staff and students.
I was out for 3 months on workers comp and everything was approved, I had PT and bone growth stimulation. I was still in some pain and had some movement limitations
cant turn my head to the right. but the doctor ok me to return to work. and I had heard that it was good for recovery to go back so I did. I've been back for 3 months.
my pain returned got worst and my movement has become even more limited on that arm. I have to ice my shoulder everyday after work. and am basically doing my job with one hand, my work is suffering and I have been transferred.
I cant golf, play baseball with my son, lift my arm over my head, support my own weight, do many of the things I use to enjoy, it is even effecting my sex life, on my last visit to the doctor he said the bones had not joined.
there is a surgery to rejoin it, but the doctor for some reason doesn't seem to keen on doing it.
I can not go on for the rest of my life in this pain and with these limitations. work is becoming unbearable. my family is suffering. there is no light duty at my job.
do I see yet another doctor? get a lawyer? I'm lost at what to do. I need my job! my benefit and pension I've worked so hard for.
yes talk to your doctor and your claims adjuster about getting a second opinion. if need be request a change of treating doctor.
more information on workers comp medical benefits in New York here

i think you are jumping the gun to be worried about loosing your pension or needing to litigate your claim.
get good medical advice before going down that road.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
thank you!
you get so much crazy advice from people (that your not even asking for) you don't know what to think, when I talk to the doctor on the phone, I feel like he has a hard time even remembering who I am, he seems to think I should just live with it, and he is my second doctor, the first one didn't realize I had broken my collarbone, it took him 2 weeks to look at my cat scan. sometimes I don't think they understand that people do actual physical labor for a living. I just talk to my claims guy, and he told me that the doctor had never put in a request for more bone growth stimulation even thought the doctor just told me last week that the insurer had denied it...
yup finding a good doctor is key.
maybe some day they'll have a rating system for docs.
you can get more information about buying a car then saving your life and health......
did the adjuster have any doctor recommendations?
if not keep searching..
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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