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Winter Storm
As of this morning at 5:00 am we got 14 inches since yesterday afternoon. It is still snowing like crazy, we just might get the 22 inches predicted and if not more with the way its coming down.. My wife went to work and once she arrived they told her to go home and 4 other route drivers. These drivers go north and my wife and 1 other driver go up in the U.P. Michigan where they have almost 24 inches.. They have me to thank for their snow day off, I had 20 years in this place and if you didn't complete you run you would have been fired. It took me to get in an accident to show what it would cost them if we got hurt..
Many years ago I drove trucks and it was the company policy to send you out even if they knew the road was closed. And they would tell you this was so they could tell the customer that you were on the road and they can't help the weather. Sad but true. This winter when the police ordered everybody to stay home they still told employees to report to work and if not enough people showed up they would send you home. Plant manager got his butt in some real trouble after he tried this. But that was only several days afterwards when the local news started working on the story

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