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leans on w/c settlement
Re: Bronco question...I didn't even know that I had W/C. I did not pay additional money for coverage. But I did since;...it's was included in the lease fee although I didn't know it. Just ignorance. In NYC you can buy a cab and a Medallion, it's which is a bond to the city guaranteeing that there will be a finite number of other yellow cabs. They at $1.5 mil right now. You can buy a cab and lease a Medallion. Or lease a cab and Medallion, monthly, weekly, or by the 12 hour shift. Remember the old tv show taxi. The owners stopped hiring drivers as employees like in taxi show and started leasing cabs. Bad for the drivers.
After my settlement (personal injury from the insurance carrier of the car that rear ended me) I received a letter from a lawyer stating he's my W/C lawyer. My P.I. lawyer must have passed my case on to his friend I presume. I thought they were paying my medical bills only. Fast forward 81/2 years I received a letter saying there's going to be a settlement. I'm looking at a check after a hearing in the late summer.
That's the situation...that's why I looked up or search engine d this web site(chat).

Re: Manley...My lawyer never mentioned W/C finding me a job; but I'll ask him if that's a alternative. I really would just like a fat check. Maybe start a car service business or something.

Have a good day..Nightdriver
unfortunately may not be as fat....
workers comp may be able to take a credit for your third party settlement.
avoid any last minute surprises and ask your atty about workers' comp subrogation.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Don't hold your breath for a fat check. As 1171 said if you had a personal injury claim on the same accident you are claiming WC they will more then likely consider that in the settlement. Now I don't know the rules in your state but again nobody gets rich off wc.
WC IC's are notoriously greedy - they like it when there is a thrid pary involved becasue they get first dibs to any recovery. They beat you to hell over treatments and stick their hands in your pockets at the same time.
few employers would ever buy a comp policy from a carrier that threw away its legal rights.
some workers continually forget they are dealing with for profit businesses and not charities.
but then most know all of this and the post was not intended to be a rational response.

my 2 cents:
often times workers deal with a serious injury by inventing an ogre to blame.
the blame game is a common defense used to fight the inexplicable situation that just happens.
looking for the weaknesses and faults in the system somehow helps the mind deal with illogical unfairness.
but the blaming can be taken too extreme and can lead to serious depression and uncontrolled hostility; thwarting the whole injury recovery process.

of course, sometimes there is criminal behavior by a bad business. it can be difficult to tell the difference without an experienced atty.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Re: Mr. Manley; I looked into a second lawyer(opinion) because mine was taking so long. Regarding the P.I. claim, and if anybody reading this is from NY state. Anything over 50 grand is subtracted from the settlement. Mine was 75g gross. I think were talking about "schedule of use award settlement". I'm not looking for something giant. If I can hope...enough to buy a used town car and insurance, work for one of the car service company's. Mostly waiting and less driving. If I can hope.
Re: forumposter.what is an IC's??
regarding leins...........is my settlement fair game to the credit card companys??

Re; Manley..I'm still wondering what you meant by the term IC's...or WC IC's....

I know that SSD money is exempt from liens. Since I've been out of work I have been delinquent in credit card payments. Also some store credit agreements. '1171' gave me a link to NYS W/C. (thank you) They spoke of "schedule of use award settlement" payments. From what you know...is this open for a lien garnishment?


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