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Can I re-wind last week? Start over? Delete?
Wish that I could just re-wind last week and forget it ever happened.

Hurt my right thumb on Tuesday, was harassed by a co-worker until I agreed to fill out a work injury.

Then on Friday I really, really hurt my left wrist. It's called, OR table gets hit by metal door causing my left hand to go into the door frame. I filled out a form due to the severity of the injury. Hand swelled, decreased movement, serious pain but I continued to work icing it when I could.

Well here comes Monday, busier than all get out and I get sent to an ass-hole of a doctor who doesn't even ask where I work in the hospital. Hello, sterile processing and surgery, more sterile processing than anything else. Takes 2 minutes to look at my hand, orders and ex-ray and sends me back to work. I can't lift pans, I can't twist the hand, manipulate it, etc. No brace, nothing, just grin and bear it. Well yesterday I got pissed and called HR, they agreed that he should of given me a brace to wear. So today I head back and I have this feeling that he won't give me a brace. The hand isn't broken, it's a bone bruise.

I don't know, I don't think that I am asking for too much. Just wish that their hadn't been 3 people in the room when the accident occurred so that I could of seen my own doctor. I also wish I hadn't filled out the report on Tuesday, makes this injury look bad.
Been waiting for you to post the story on this.

Are you sure it is only a bruised bone?

My thumb injury started with catching it in the door, the end result was joint replacement and tendon transposition. Thumb injury is major and painful. Just think of the activities you do with your hand/thumb. Almost all fine motor activities involve the thumb.

You need additional treatment and to see a hand specialist.

Loss of strength and nerve pain comes with a thumb injury.

Best of luck and keep us posted.
Once a WC IW, It haunts you for life. Someone will always be looking for you to file another claim so they can call you a gold digger.

I say the "uhm" with them. If you are hurt, then do not let the past intimidate your actions.

I am so glad I am retired. I can not handle that type of stress anymore because of the WC system.

Just saying...... Have a good day
Had a car wreck in 2003 while on the job. Settled in Jan. 2012 with Indemnity pay and a MSA. Approved for SSDI in March 2006. Was declared PTD at IME in 2009. Took approx 3 years to finalize the WC settlement. ALWAYS use spread language when settling Indemnity or SSA will nail your fanny.
I saw the doctor again today to ask for a brace to use only during work. It was denied. People look at my left hand and automatically say "Oh God", it looks that bad, it's ugly. Doctor says that using a brace will delay healing and make the hand stiff. He says to either not use the hand or just bear it. He pushed meds, I finally agreed, my chart says 'Allergic to morphine" The med he gave me, you can't use if you're allergic to morphine. That another nail in his coffin.

I went out and bought a brace for my hand tonight. They can fire me, I don't care, failing that if the hand starts hurting too bad I will just go home.
BB you just cant win can you? I do believe when you have a major injury to your spine or legs your altered gait will sooner or later cause more injuries....You may have just not taken the long enough step to get around the door...Take care of it as best you can and know I am praying for you....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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