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**no names please** injury reported just past 24 hrs
Okay I am a **no names please** associate in Texas. I left work after working short handed all night rather sore in the lower back. I went to sleep and woke up crippled enough where I couldn't drive or sit for more the 10 min with out pain in my back and left leg. I called out of work thinking I needed to rest another night. Got up the next day and I was not any better. I called **no names please** to make an injury report. The pain started early morning March 19 and I called late after noon March 20. The lady I spoke to took my report but called me back and said their "system wont take the report since its past 24 hours but I'll talk to another manager since I'm new to this store." She said she was off friday. Called back today to see what I can do to see a doctor. I cant drive and I cant pick up my one year old son. She said she didn't take the report. So now its almost a week later I'm still in pain. They have no report for me and I have no proof of even talking to them. What do I do? I haven't been able to work all week.I have rent and mouths to feed. Also This store is a absolute joke. There is so much frieght lined all of the store that it's blocking eye wash stations and its stacked way above the safe height of heavy frieght on pallets. I work in IMS and our bins are so full that we have to take 40-50lb cases up ladders to put in the top bins. Some bins are blocked my pallets. We are seriously understaffed and expected to have all our work done in the morning. Every night we have a meeting at ten pm. They tell us every meeting how much more frieght we are getting and that we have to hustle and break a sweat. Every one at my store will tell you this. What are my options? Thanks in advance for replies!
there should be more then one person you can talk to.
contact your supervisor/manager about your condition.
give them written notice and keep a copy.
keep the safety issues separate from your injury unless they are related.
if they have workers comp insurance coverage you can find out more here
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I believe I seen the name before it got edited. Here in our town they are trained from higher up to act this way, in the hopes you just give up.. Keep trying til you get it filed, talk to a different shift manager. I know texas comp laws are different than ours, but if your still hurting go see a dr and have him link it to your work environment. I have relatives that work for them and they have seen some good people get shafted after they claim a injury......good luck.
Oops well didn't realize we couldn't use names. Any way I tried to call personal but it just rings and the operator picked up my call like a new person 3 times before I said never mind. I think I'll just go to the doctor and get it on paper some where that I am hurt then look into contacting an attorney. It should not be this hard to talk to some one at the store. I also feel they shouldn't throw your injury claim away because I called 4 hours too late. I am sorry but if you don't have an actual incident and it's an injury that happened because of repetitive over working due to lack of help and poor management of incoming freight, they should have something to cover such instances. How do you put a timeline on that? I'm just frustrated, sorry, I can't sit down for more then 10 min.
you might have to go in person.
you're assuming they want to make it easy to file a claim.
workers are not a very high priority for them; that's one reason they fight letting the unions in.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
There is a time limit for filing most WC claims but it is not just 24 hours. Sound like this is going to be a fight and you may need a lawyer. If I was in that much pain I would go to my doctor or the ER and make sure you tell them what happened so there is no mistake. The best thing to do is tell the truth and let the medical report speak for itself. Good luck

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