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confused and tired
I need assistance since my injury in January of 2012 I think I have committed a million and one mistakes. Let me start with I am a Texas Teacher at the present time when my injury occurred I was working for the same school district by as a Headstart manager. I injured myself on the job and stupidly decided to not hinder my position since I sustained a rotor cuff injury that would need an operation. I also am a diabetic and was awaiting my sugar to get under control so I changed to a teaching position and waited until close to summer one year later to get the operation. Of course they did not pay for summer and then paid me at the teachers salary instead of the salary I had when I received the injury. Anyway now they sent me to a doctor who states I have reached mmi and have a whole person impairment of 16%. I don't know what this means and I can not ask my doctor because the insurance took him out of the network. Will I receive any kind of treatment? What happens now? I was out of work for 3months and received a weekly check at the teachers salary I went to work as quickly as I could and I am still working but with restriction of no lifting over 10 pounds. Can you assist?
i think your best resource would be the office of employee counsel

the ombudsman can review the details of your case and explain how your average weekly wage was calculated
as well as your impairment income benefits.
general information on texas work comp benefits is here
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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