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Another Storm
Yesterday was the start of new snowfall for us bringing 6 inches and now anither storm moving through will bring 6 to 12 inches. Just last week we had a few nice days that were low 50's, and I thought spring was here.. It did however melt about a foot of snow but with these new amounts we will have 40 to 50 inches depending on this next storm, still on the ground.. Warm up and it snows, after it snows, back to the deep freeze. Sat we were -30, we just cant seem to get a step closer to spring. The ice on our lakes is still 2 1/2 to 3 ft thick, lake superior is 95% ice covered with 12 inches of ice. This don't mean much for some one that don't live up here but when that big body of water stays frozen it brings us artic air. If by chance we get a tremendous warm up and the snow melts to fast we are in for big time flooding. The Wisconsin river is only 1/2 mile from us, we should be ok here but I feel sorry for the ones on the river banks.
Bronco I use to live in the Seattle area in the valley. When we got a big snow in the mountains it would melt and flood the valley. So I understand what you are talking about with the snow causing flooding.
Our problem will come when the snow starts melting and the flooding rains hit the midwest causing the mighty Mississippi River to flood.

That River can be a beast!
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