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A question on neck injuries.
I am finding certain types of shirts, pull-overs, t-shirts, sweaters are difficult to put on and wear. Anything snug hurts the shoulders and increases the neck pain.

Anyone have this or am I the odd one out?

I see the neurosurgeon in May.

What is odd is I also have this with the left knee, can not wear anything snug with that knee or leg. Sometime jean material rubbing on the skin is painful. Some of this with the knee & leg may be due to RSD symptoms.
Bummer one of the reasons I wear loose clothing is I cant stand anything to rub or be tight.It will end up itching and burning and I will scratch till I draw blood my shoulders feel like someone has put a tremendous weight on them.But I have trained my self to put lotion on when it starts burning and itching.But can wake up with blood on the sheets from scratching at night.I hate shoes they hurt to wear so I live in flip flops...
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Jayne mine feels like pressure when anything is snug in the neck or shoulder area. The burning also goes along with it.

I do use lotion with tea tree oil in and this helps with the itching. Jayne do not know if I still have your address but if you will message me your address I will send you some lotion.

You see the hair dresser trying and put one of those aprons snug around my neck, she learned not to do it the first time she tried it.
Loose fitting Sundresses are comfy. In the winter you can wear a colorful T-shirt underneath with matching long socks and boots. Very stylish. Tongue

Oh i just read you wear flip flops. After achilles rupture and RSD (non industrial) i cant wear closed back shoes. My shoe wardrobe is open backed tennis shoes in the winter and birkis in the summer.

Do you sleep with a cervical neck pillow? It helps keep you place so you don't hurt so much at night. Takes some getting used to. Also, the burning, if RSD or neurological will pass, eventually. I remember getting up just to look in the mirror because i just knew my neck had to be sunburned or something. There are different stages of RSD and each case is different. My Spinal Cord Stim controls pain 50-70% everywhere except my hand.
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