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Using Sick time
Found out a little over a week ago a friend has a WC injury and he called me for some information the other day. Like myself he is in IL. But the one thing I don't like is he is using sick time for his time off. Is there any rules that say you can't do this? He was hoping this would all be over quick and he has a lot of sick time. They had been working pretty well at treating him but Thursday they called him and told him they were denying the surgery the doctor they sent him to says he needs. Now they told him this was normal and that it would take a couple of times before they would approve it. My thinking is even if it is okay to use sick time they could be just wanting to run him out of time.
My other problem is he has 4 jobs. Two of these he can still do because they don't require anything above his restriction. One of these is his full time work and the one he got hurt at and taking the sick time. But the other one is his next highest income and he is not getting paid anything for not working there and I know they should be paying this under WC.
I told him he should go talk with a couple of lawyers and see what they think but not sure what he is going to do.
Something sounds fishy. I bet no one opened a claim, and he's going to be stuck with medical bills.
since there is a waiting period before disability is payable sick time can be used for that and then re-instated once the waiting period is payable.
in other situations if the employer pays full salary while the worker is disabled then for bookkeeping reasons they often charge it as leave and then on payday move it back off.
in no other situation should the employee be paying his own disability.
it's illegal for the employer to charge the employee for comp coverage.

if he has mutliple jobs and is still able to earn wages those need to be reported and deducted from his disability calculation.
you cannot collect disability from multiple jobs simultaneously and you can't work and also claim disability
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
The one job is a contract he has and he could have somebody else cover it. It's only 1 hour a day Monday-Friday so thats not much. The other is he is on call and only gets paid if he goes out, he only does paper work and talks to folks on that job and not sure he is getting very much. The last part time job he did work 24 hours every week end so that he is missing out on. I think if it was me I'd just not be on call for the one job until done with this and get this covered by work comp. He is missing out on pay from the weekend job and when he does get back to work he is going to be low on sick time. This is not a job he is going to get fired from in the end unless he could never return but I think from what he is telling me he has a good chance and a good recovery.

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