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Pain pumps
Not really done much searching yet on pain pumps but I find you get better information from people that have them. But with that does anybody have one for lower back pain? Do they work for that? Or do you have to have one source of pain and only that? Also not sure of the costs over just taking pills or much about the good and bad. The one thing that does scare me about them is I know with one of the doctors that did work out of my PM doctors office was that when he was refilling a pump he missed the port and just about killed the guy. Now not sure how easy this is to happen but since it happened local to me it seems more real the normal.
Guess what I'm thinking by taking pills by mouth you are sending this pain meds to your whole body and would think the pump would help. Also with one can you still take other pain meds? What I mean there is I take 2 pain meds and one is just as needed for breakthrough pain. Can you still take that extra med as needed?
I'm going to do some more searching online but wanted to maybe get some inside from real users
A friend had one. She liked it.
She had a lot of stomach issues from the meds, so it was a big improvment for her

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