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Feeling better
As I posted a week or so ago I was going to have a CT myelogram. That was on a Friday and the surgeons office called me Monday morning wanting to see me Tuesday. Well I had hopes that they found something really wrong and wanted to fix it but that was not the case. Waiting to go to that appt I had thoughts of being out of pain for once in the last 8 years so after they said no surgery for me but my hips are out of alignment. So since PT has helped in the past that was about all they could see to maybe help with the pain.
Well this had me down for the last week.
Today in the mail I got 2 letters from the case manager they have working to find way to safe them money but after a talk with my lawyer it gave me the best laugh I've had in a long time. Every time they do something like this it only costs more money to them and saves me money in ways they don't understand. I have been in the best mood I've been in some time and its thanks to how stupid these guys are. If they would just take the money they have spent over the last 8 years trying to deny me anything I think it would be more then they would have to pay me in a settlement. Now I could be wrong but I bet I would not be that far off

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