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where is spring?
I am so cold I need spring to get here! Even inside where it is warm and cozy my poor body knows its cold out there....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

well the ground hog said 6 more weeks so maybe he was right. Now it will be in the 50's here Thursday but everything is ice outside right now
its been the nastyist winter in a long time down here it will warm up in the day but stays so damp u cant get warm I don't go out unless have to uckie
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
It feels like spring here today, hoot hoot it's only 35 but the sun is out in full force. Dom and I sat out on the front deck just soaking up the sun until the wind picked up. About a month ago I had said this was a weird year for snow. Being at that time we didn't have as much as usual. I have to take back that statement, Not only have we broke our record of 40+ days below zero in a row, we are now about to break our total snow fall. This last storm yesterday gave us another 7 in and this week is not looking to good either with rain and wet heavy snow. One of my ex-coworkers had his barn collapse last night damaging a lot of farm equipment including a brand new combine. His ins company wont cover it because he didn't list his barn in his policy. He figures atleast $200,000 with the barn and equipment. This will cause him to go bankrupt.

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