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Crazy weather
I don't know about you's but I cant take much more of this weather.. _-48 right now, snow in the pan handle, its just depressing... Our high for today will be -6 just to cold for anything. My sleep schedule is so screwed up, I have been trying to go to bed around 8 at night but like clock work 4 hrs and Im back up. The good news with it is I go out and let the vehicles run so they start when my wife goes to work. She left an hour ago and just called me from another phone, she is on her way home because she left her work phone here....lol. She drives 180 miles a day in this weather, I hate having to be crippled up watching her do this, It was supposed to be me taking care of the family. I just wish one day I could wake up from this non stop nightmare.........
It is crazy he also warm 2 days and wake up to snow...its crazy
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

crazy is not the word yesterday was sitting in the sun enjoyed it so much but got the heater going now hey we got winter storm warnings the schools have been canceled tomorrow I moved down here to get away from this but would love for my grandkids to see some snow our last was in 1989
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
It's a heat wave today, were almost near zero, supposed to get up to 15 with some sun... I took dom out on the front deck for 5 min, the sun feels so warm today but the wind lets you know it's still cold. Things might be turning around, lows tonight are a big +10 and that's a huge difference from the -40 that it has been. I just want spring so bad right now but like usual it will be in April..
Having surgery a week ago has made it so I needed to stay in so the cold temps have not been as big of a hassle as they normally are but I sure the cold have not helped the pain level. Since surgery I've not had anything close to a nights sleep
Bronco I remember past Aprils where we had the largest snow of the year the early part of April.

We has 50's today, a big change from earlier in the week.

Snow is forecasted for this weekend, so far this winter we have had plenty of cold weather and little snow in my part of Kansas.
Late feb and march is our heaviest snow falls too, we actually don't have much snow this year. We started out early getting snow mid nov, the cold has kept the accumulating snow away. But we get a dusting every night, we are in a heat wave too the big +20 and is snowing with 6-8 expected. I don't want to see our gas and electric bill this month its prob up near 400 to 450 the darn furnace just never stops.. I have been saying this every year since we built the house, we need a decent wood stove, but even wood is not cheap anymore if you cant cut it up youself.... In our old house when I was able bodied, that's all we heated with for years.
My electric bill due for February is $600., that I do not have in my budget. It was very cold here in December plus the daughter and fiancé were home using electricity for their camper.

Dennis has a friend of his helping to cut down the dead trees on the edge of our property. We have a wood burner in the basement and a wood stove in the shop.

After Dennis's heart surgery he will be limited on what he can do for a couple of months.

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