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need solid advice
I was delaing with a mild neck injury from 10yrs ago - treating periodically with injections and follow-ups - this was a WC injury - continued working no work loss or issues. I was then injured in a MVA with greater damage to neck - result 2 level fusion, other ortho injuries and concussion. WC wants to settle but only injury accepted were sparain\strain of origincal injury. I continue to treat and initial offer wanted to set aside some monies for MSA. my main concern is future issues with health care providers. Since the injuries would not be accepted for their DX but rather for their initial DOI - would other healthcare pay down the line if their are exhaserbations or re-injury or continue scripts etc... A sprain\strain is a far cry from ACDF so I dont know what the future need for more surgery will or will not be and doc doesnt know either but to say always a possibility. Anyone know or have a similar situation where you settled then down the road other issues or exhaserbations occurred and you were able to get coverage from pvt healthcare

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