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From my father's mouth, I'm dead.
I spent over an hour yesterday morning just talking with my father. It's been a long, long time since he just wanted to talk. But one of the last things he said yesterday just about floored me.

He said:" Tell Joe (my husband), that I said hi but don't tell him that I'm dead".

For a couple of seconds I didn't know what to say but dad had a grin on his face.

Apparently this week he's been telling people that he's dead. "I don't have to do that", he says, "I'm dead". Then he usually complies. So far this week he's not yelled nor cussed up a storm. He's just dead.

Well all right dad, enjoy being dead. I will see you tomorrow. I love that old man.
I don't know or maybe remember whats going on with your dad. My grandma on my dads side used to play pranks like this, it was funny in away but sad at the same time.. She was blind and a few years before she passed she wouldn't talk, she figured if she couldn't see and didn't talk.... we couldn't see her...lol.
My dad started doing that about a year before he passed.
I truly believe he was trying to see who in the family still cared and loved him.

I'd call, and when he answered, I'd say, "thought you were dead'?
we'd always get a chuckle from that.
Have fun with him while you can, they are gone befoe you know it.
I think your dad is lonely, depressed, or senile, or maybe all of the above. Give him some extra attention so he feels loved and not forgotten.

This reminds me of work. I know a little off from your post, but the same subject, feeling like you are dead.

I remember after my first RTW, the harassment that never ended. It lasted 9 months before I was off work again. Long story which I won't bore you with. But the point I'm getting at is my first encounter with a co-worker after this departure. She was unaware of why I disappeared as she said. No one mentions your name, everyone wonders what happened, and then she said "It's like you died." My heart sank at that moment........and I truly felt dead, emotionally.

Let Go, and Let God......

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