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Once a gain I'm hospitalized, this time for pancreitis (spelling) Having surgery tomorrow to take out gulbladder. I have been in here since Friday, tryiny to get a low grade fever to come down beore the surgery. just thought I would share 4 I have not been on here,.
This is not something you need Bronco.

You are in my prayers.
(01-12-2014, 05:04 PM)Bummer Knees Wrote: This is not something you need Bronco.

You are in my prayers.

ty bummer
Darn it Bronco, you remind me of that dude on Hee Haw do you remember? "if it wasnt for bad luck I wouldnt have any at all" I will send prayers your way
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

OH my dear I do feel for you I have been there I know how it feels once they took out the gallbladder(AM) I went home I went home late that evening hope all goes well for you but now you feel like one sick puppy
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
No more potato chips for you!
My daughter in law just went through this surgery. I hope you do as well as she has.
My wife has had hers out and at times I think mine needs to go. Saying a prayer
Prayers my friend, you don't need anymore problems. Are they doing it laproscopically?
The relief was felt as soon as I woke up in the recovery room, it was done laproscopically', I do have some extra pain but am home and doing well. Who would think such a small organ can cause so much trouble.. I was allowed 4mg dualadin ( spelling ) every 2 hrs IV, I didn't feel like feeling any pain so I took it as often as I could. It is great my family came on to respond and thank you all so much.

I wanted to come and update right after but I was in no shape nor did I feel like doing nothing but rest.
glad to see it all went ok
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing

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