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Lost in Maryland
I was injured on the job little over 6 months ago. Was forever before they sent me pay and wasnt even at the commission award amount. They then just stopped out of the blue. My injuries was a electrical shock and fall from ladder. My neck has since gotten better but back and shoulder pain still ongoing. I had a FCE prior to seeing the joke of a doctor for my IME. The FCE clearly states I'm not able to return to work. The 5 minute exam by the IME doctor states I am in excellent shape though in pain and able to return to work 100% with zero disability. My doctor is considering surgery and another doctor i saw in place of my regular doctor (regular doctor was on vacation) said I can only returned with restrictions. Im union so need to be 100% by union standards. I do have a lawyer and they have filed issues with the commission. My question is this, how is the settlement procedure decided?? Would my disability rating be based on the IME doctor?? I mean its obviously he is just stating things in favor of the insurance company. So if I go by his zero disability rating would I still get a final settlement??? Also isn't the insurance company required to make up the difference in the amount they paid and the amount I was awarded??? Thanks for your time
ADA laws negate any requirement that does not allow reasonable accommodation and modified work.
each party determines how much the future benefits might be worth and then they negotiate between the two.
temporary disability amounts are capped by a maximum that changes yearly:
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

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