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First winter storm of the new year
We are under a winter advisory......Been watching a line of snow that extends across the state of Kansas and Colorado.

Wind chill is

expected to be in the minus with a temp high of 6.

I plan to stay inside and not get out.

Cody is feeling the pressure system as his behavior is something else tonight.

Thinking about our forum family who live in the colder areas of the USA.

Sure hope you miss this one Jayne.
Me too Kathy,me too,but Rebecca is living and working for a huge private ranch in Montana.And she said they laughed at her when she put the van in a ditch.But she seems to like the place.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Hopefully the storm passes and disappears, I hate winter. We have had snow since 2 weeks before thanks giving and normally we have thaw out days. I think it has reached above freezing 3 times and this last winter cold air we havnt seen for many years as being steady.
It started snowing last night, woke up this morning to it snowing.

The real problem here is the frigid temps, would not be surprised if school cancelled tomorrow not because of the snow but because of the temps as they will continue into Monday.
High here tomorrow is suppose to be -8 with wind chill down to -30. It's 19 here now and dropping. Weather service says 8-12 inches of snow and it's going to be windy. I don't want to go out for anything. Suppose to have a doctor appt tomorrow and not sure I will be able to make it. It's for a pre-surgery physical so I hope they can get me back in pretty quick. Surgery is only a few weeks away
With living in this type of weather 5 months out of the year, it comes natural for us to be prepared. The only thing we fear is our elderly folks running out propane or furnace shutting down. The snow will mis us but we will be the coldest around. Schools were planning shutting down for mon, and probably be closed for tues also. I called and cancled my drs appointment for mon on fri, there is no reason to chance breaking down and besides .... up here if you don't give a 24hr notice they charge you $50. for no shows.

Everyone in this storms path should take caution, stay at home..
My daughter is in Nebraska staying in a camper which froze up last night, temps are minus 29 today.

I am staying in today and plan to tomorrow. Tuesday morning I have a doctor appointment which is a have to but temp will be in the 30's.
guys I do feel for you all really I do !!! were sitting here with the door open its in the 70s we have a hard freeze headed our way makes me thankful for south ga please take care
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing
Been sitting here, have the scanner on, my fire pager and a two way radio and for the most part it has not been too bad. Yes there are folks in the ditches but it has not been as bad as it could be. The county just north of us just put out that all township and county roads are closed until further notice. For so many years I was one of those that would be out there for the fire department so it's kind of hard to just sit in the house. But I know if I even tried to get to my truck today I'd be one of those they would be call an ambulance for so I stay inside.

What is really sad is my son-in-law called work and they told him he had to come in. Now they totaled their car Friday night hitting a deer so that leaves them in a bad way. On maybe his 3rd call to work to tell them he couldn't find a ride and even if he did it was too dangerous they told him he life insurance if he didn't make it. Sad a company would tell you this, he works in a wash bay at a trucking company so I don't see how they are going be that busy. Now they did tell him if he got in and clocked in and not enough people showed up they would send him home.
Great whats he gonna do walk home?
It is cold here 19 degrees when we came home for church...My back is in agony and of course today it goes long....Thank God I always have my meds with me
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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