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Winter storm
Looks like we will have a white Christmas in Kansas with the second snowfall this winter.

The storm stsrted with ice followed by snow, wichita has 5 inches where we have about 3 inches.

Jayne did you get any of this white stuff?
Bummer, we are getting more of that white stuff as well. We have had about 12 to 15 inches for the last month, supposed to get 3 to 6 today. Since the end of nov are highs have been low 20's and 2 weeks not getting over 10. Our laskes are frozen and driving on lakes with vehicles, Snowmobile trails have been open now for a week. I am so ready for spring or go on vacation.
Come to the east coast Bronco.
It's 74*. Raining, but warm!
The snow we have has ice under it as it sleeted for a few hours yesterday before the snow started.

According to accu weather we are to get more snow tomorrow.

Have not been anywhere for two days as this white stuff grounds me, always afraid of falling.
We had 8 inches last Saturday and it is gone. It was 63 here Thursday and suppose to be in the teens Tuesday. We had a ton of rain Friday and Saturday but it stayed above freezing here so all is good

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