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Old man on the mountain
God bless you Jayne for caring for this man. I understand your not wanting to watch him die. It's sad, he wanted to die on the mountain. Hopefully he will adapt and realize it's easier to pass away being cared for.
Got a phone call yesterday around 4 pm it was the nursing home telling me it was time for him and if I wanted to talk or say anything to him before he passed I had better get a move on cuz he was showing all the signs of Death coming body parts turning blue and his breathing was very shallow.We left in a hurry calling my running buddy Miss Clara and her husband and our pastor and his wife to let them know.It was reassuring knowing they were coming right behind us after praying and singing for him they all left me to stay by his side till God called him home.His RN told me he wouldnt last to the end of her shift and if I needed anything to just hit the button. I havent ever felt such love for a resident of a nursing home before,These ladies all took time from other halls to come speak a word or two to him kiss his forehead and leave all misty eyed.At the end of her shift he was still a breathing as his nurse came by to tell him goodbye and what a honor it was to have cared for him.at the end of another shift this old rooster was still breathing but he was moaning and we knew he was in so much pain at 630 in the morning the Dr came and left a hardscrpt for morphine that would help so much one of the hazards of small town living was that they had to go 50 miles to get it filled.He got his first dose at 230 and all his organs started to slowly give up on him.At 530 his nurse came in with his second dose explaining to me that it would most likely be his last.I nodded my head to go ahead and give it to him 15 min later he was gone to his reward in Heaven.I really loved him and respected this ol man.As everything started to shut down in came his aides and tied a knot into each corner of his sheet when I asked why they said it was a tradition for a poem they tied a knot because at the time of death 5 angels come to take them home one at each knot and one takes his head and they carry him to "the other side" as soon as he died they went to the window to let the soul go out the window. It was such a tender heart thing to do.It was a blessing to be at his side when he left this earth.All the nurses and aides will receive something and I know not what yet,but what do you think of some good coffee and flavored creamers? I sat in that place for over 24 hours with coffee that you could read a book right thru your cup and heard them all at one time or another complain about the weak coffee.Maybe a wicker basket with good coffee beans a grinder and 3 or 4 different flavored creamers does this sound okay?
All the people in that place took as good a care for me as they did him,many asking if I mined if they said a prayer for him before they left.I thanked them and I thank you for all your prayers this past month or so you are my rock and I love each and everyone of you.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

He is now looking down at you's without a pain in the world. I would imagine your idea with the coffee would be great. I have 2 relatives that work in our nursing homes, and this seems to be a complaint with many of them, even though management provides the coffee they try to get by cheap.

Thank you Bronco,these ladies went above and beyond...And my old friend is climbing the hills in Heaven
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Jayne you are a very special person to be there for this man.

You did what few would be able to do.

Bless you

I'm with you bummer, it takes a lot strength and a good heart. I don't know how long Jayne has known this man, but the lord had a reason for them to meet and help him on his journey.
I met him this past summer.He was so smart and kind...Thank you for your kind words
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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