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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!
Happy thanksgiving to everyone.

[Image: thankgiving_dinner1.gif]
We will be spending Thanksgiving Day at my nieces home.

Expecting around 60 people to be there. Making a corn cassarole and jello salad for the dinner.
We are spending dinner with 3 other families in our church. Its also our 43rd wedding anniversary Big day for us here....Hope you all have a great dinner and lots to be thankful for.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Spent the day with only a part of the family but we had a good time. Happy Thanksgiving to all on the board. Hope you had a great day
I hope every one had a great turkey-day. My wife made our turkey dinner a few days ago for our family. All our life we have worried about what others think, showing up at the inlaws, my sisters, or who ever was doing the feast. Our families have grown apart, everyone seems to think their -hit don't stink and their better than everyone else. Other than my parents, we have had no one come and visit us here, her parents live across town and have not stopped over since dom was born, in fact maybe 3 times in 7 years.

This year we decided, why bring stress on ourself. We said screw them all and stayed home and my wife and I snuck out for a few hrs and hit the casino where I won enough points on my club card for a turkey buffet for two. We ate, we won, less stress, were happy.......
well we went camping and should have known it it turned cold and rained got the kids tent and its contents wet it was cold and misable but they enjoyed it that's what matters and yes the day we go they were packing up was pretty and warm has been ever sence are we going next year YEA
worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing

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