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Washington L&I (or hell in disguise)
I seriously can not believe this caseworker. She sends a message saying she "carefully reviewed" my case and was sending a check for the Dorsal PPD. There are two injuries and two ratings. Very very clear. Then she closed medical. I did talk to attorneys, basically I need to let them continue to make mistakes so they can make enough for it to be worth their time.

I am stunned at the stupidity of this woman. It is next to impossible to decipher her messages as more words are misspelled than not. Someone should give medals for those who survive this sane.
Things that happen in WC are sometime so stupid. I had an IME depo and it was clear he didn't even have the correct information in his report. In my hearing it was clear as well that the client felt like she should get away with thing she clearly could not. She keep trying to say things and do things the lawyer clearly was not happy with. The hearing officer even asked them if they wanted to step out in the hallway so they could get it together. When they came back it was clear the lawyer told her the way the law works and they could not do some of the things they were wanting to do with me. Now that went my way but that still doesn't keep them from screwing me to this day.
If you ever get out a medal should be at least something we get but I think for those that get clear of the system are just happy to be out
@Manley. Yes, I think they wear us down so we just end it. Kind of where I am. It is unbelievable. She did an, "Oooops" and "fixed" the problem. Now she is paying for the other injury and removed the first. She simply can't comprehend two injuries from one accident in different body parts making two PPD ratings. It is not that difficult. She has supposedly structured the settlement. In Washington she can't just decide to do that. Very very few cases have been approved by a Judge. And, it is only for those over 55 which I am not. She is madly sending small checks, the stops them in the processing stage.

I asked for a formal review from day one. At this point it is the only hope to get it out of her hands. She has more than one case and not everyone watches their online file as close as I do. It's sad to know people are probably getting totally screwed over.Sad
You have to watch anything you say. If I'm at my voc rehab meeting and anything odd goes on I call my lawyer as soon as I leave and make sure he makes notes of it. This way if they try to change something to sound different he has a record. He gets regular reports from them and always shares them with me. When I went to an IME a long time back now he told me to call him after I left and we talked about the areas I knew he would try to switch are on me. He tried to trip me up a couple of times on what I said like as I was talking about my pain he stopped me and said what about this and I said I didn't say anything about that. He claimed I did just to try and mess me up
We all understand when somebody is working on us it is easy for them to mess up and not remember everything about us or our injury but in my first IME the doctor in the depo had me getting treatment I never received. Now he would have had my file so this should not have happened other then they were trying to make it look like I was in the wrong. Sad they paid this guy like $5000 for his report and the hearing officer saw thru it so it was a waste of money, Second IME said I was not at MMI so again they spent money and it only helped me.
So many get treated bad and nobody ever hears about it and in this day and age if it didn't happen to them nobody else cares, we have to fight for our rights and not let them push us out. Until there are better laws to protect the worker not much is going to change
Another update.

I had decided to wait until after the first of the year to deal with L&I. I didn't need the stress over the holidays. This is my son's last year at home as a "kid" therefore I didn't want to be in a crappy mood.

Oddly enough I received a call earlier today from my case managers supervisor who stated the case was re-opened by order of the Governor. Needless to say I was stunned the Governor actually read the letter I wrote about the horror injured workers in this state deal with. It was total shock he felt there were enough errors the state needed to salvage what they could. So..those here that are frustrated need to clearly write the problems with a time line and send it to elected officials. It may be a waste of time but at least there is a record.

The woman introduced herself then said she is aware I am not happy with the State of Washington. Serious understatement but nevertheless someone did listen even if it was a Governor I did not vote for. She said she found obvious errors. I should not have been sent back to work without a statement listing modifications in regards to lifting and reaching. It was a two hour conversation. I am to continue medical treatment, not work due to restrictions, and she will hand pick a voc rehab counselor.

At this point I do not trust a thing I am told but need to give them a chance to do things right. Should be interesting if nothing else.
The last part of what you said is the best to follow, Don't trust anything. Now maybe you will get this taken care of but again keep an eye out. They like to make you think they are now your best friend and will do everything they can to help but that is almost never the case.
Starting in 2014 I'm going to make it my mission to speak with all my state and federal rep's and tell them about the way it is. Somebody got me going yesterday talking about people that get medicare to buy them something like a scooter and then go out an sell it and told her about my case and she really got mad. My last figure is medicare has paid well over $50,000 in bills for me that WC should have paid. Now I know my lawyer is working on this but I think he keeps putting it off because as penalties go up so does his cut. They can not settle with me and just keep doing all the crap they are but I want them to pay the bills and not medicare

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