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Maybe a path to help
Funny title but not sure how else to put it. Saw my pain doc yesterday for a follow up to my RF and we are going to do RF on the other side. He said sometime we don't see the best results unless both sides are done. For the first time I think they have heard me when I tell them I'm have more trouble walking. If doing the other side for RF doesn't help more with walking then we are going to look real hard at the lower back and it might be time for surgery. Not that the RF hasn't helped with pain because it really has. Now maybe the nero doc has been talking to them because he told me he wants to find out more about my pain and help. Surgeon told me around 5-6 years ago he didn't want to open me up until I couldn't walk. Now I can but it is getting harder to walk for very long at all and who knows when the risk of a failed surgery is worth it for the pain.
Spoke with my lawyer a little bit back and he was going to talk with them to see if they wanted to get this settled or we are going to ask for a hearing. I think he has been holding off to get the penlites higher from not paying my bills and he could make more from it. But now I think I going to ask him to hold off. If we are looking at surgery I want them to be paying the bills and this way if it doesn't turn out well then it will not just be covered by the set-a-side. Knew I could be looking at surgery down the road so maybe this is it
sounds like you've done a realistic examination of all the options and are taking a well reasoned course.
being skeptical and asking difficult questions of the medical professionals involved keeps you in charge of your future.
too many take a back seat- or no seat at all-in determining the course of their treatment and claim.
there is already a general feeling of helplessness when one is involved in a serious work injury.
your approach seems to be a good antidote.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I was always worried in the beginning that I would see a surgeon that just wanted to make money because it was WC and not care about how I would do. The ones I did see looked at me and if they could help instead of how much they could make so that was good. The bad part is the one surgeon I would like to have in on this if I do need a surgery is now out of the business. And he was one of the best around so we will see. I learn in the beginning and try to tell everybody here that you are the one most responsible for what care you get and you have to do your best to understand what to ask when these doctors start talking. I'm sure this RF will help with some of the pain but if it doesn't get a lot better it maybe time to look into surgery. Trouble is I know that you never know with nerves and if you can get them back under control
Manley I was always told not to settle if a surgery was in my future.

Good luck!
With the company I worked for there is 3 of us they don't want to settle with, ever. My lawyer is going to take them to a hearing to get them to pay back medicare for the bills they have been paying on me and for my meds, which they have not been paying for since Jan of this year. They have not been paying many bills for the 3 of us and I hope they pay some nice fines for it but who knows.

For awhile I was wondering about settling because I knew I could very well be in for surgery down the road but like most it would be nice to be done with them since I don't know if that surgery will be in a few months to some years down the road. Kind if nice to not have it settled because I'm likely to be out of money sooner then I would if they just keep sending me a check every week. When I look at what I could get if they did stop it would not be too bad because my SSDI would go up and some extra stuff that would happen if they did so I'm okay with it for now. The 3 of us have different lawyers but maybe they need to work together some
Manley, I think you are doing the right thing telling your attorney to hold off. If your still getting a check, I think your better off leaving it alone until after the surgery. It's already obvious your not in no condition to work now, and if the surgery helps that's a plus but if it don't (pray it does) this just gains you chance of perm total disabled by a judge. And we all know the outcome is much better then just setteling out of court.

My surgeon wanted to do my 2 level fusion, but insisted it would help the nerve pain in leg, but also said it wouldn't help for low back. There is never a 100% guarantee with surgery and this is also why he agreed to wait until either the pain was to extreme to handle or I could no longer walk. Both my surgeons and the ins company quacks agreed I will need the new hip and all said it would be needed for low back weather it be a fusion or going in to release the nerves. This is why the ins company never battled against my open medical, but it doesn't mean they wont argue or deny..
I have a SCS that really helps with the leg pain but doesn't help the lower back which it is not suppose to help with the back any way. I do need to turn it up sometimes when I'm up moving very much and some times forget to turn it down before I lay down. But trust me I don't get flat before I remember, laying down can really change how I feel it. Unless they do this surgery and I just jump up and feel so much better I still don't see them settling with me. There is no law that makes them do anything other then to keep me on the books and that is sad. Only thing I can do is try and get the right people to see this and bring pressure on them. But right now I do want to see what the doctors want to do. I have the name a very good doctor but he is not around here but he is suppose to be good and I'm thinking about looking at seeing him if they want to send me to have a surgeon look at me again.

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