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I was told I will be fried
Not sure how long you have been with this lawyer but it might be time to look around. But for the other part yes if they have a job for you it doesn't matter to them how you get there, that is not what they do for you. If you don't show up for a job they have for you they will cut your benefits but it should really not have anything to do with your settlement. Remember they want you gone and will do about anything to get you off the books. If you do find a ride to work be careful they don't decide to change the shift they have you on. The system isn't setup to help us it is for the employer and it is a game you will have to learn to play.
True your employer does not have to keep your position open for you forever. But if you are told you'll be fired if you file then that is illegal.
Can't blame the employer. I would want healthy, dependable folks who were able to do their jobs well if I were the employer. It is the fricking insurance companies that are the cut throat vultures. I second or third the idea of time for a new lawyer. Let's face it some people are good at their jobs and some are not. This is your future your dealing with. Your lawyer sounds inexperienced if not stupid.
Your doctor needs to state in writing that you cannot drive due to medications and forward it to your employer and WC. He also needs to say that you are 100% temporarily disabled, if he's not saying it already. If he won't, then get a different doctor, quickly.

Your settlement has nothing to do with whether or not you return to work now or not (regardless of what your attorney may be telling you). I would highly suggest getting somebody else, pronto.

Your doctor also needs to file a permanency form requesting as much disability as possible. This is what determines your settlement based on a scheduled or classification loss. Scheduled loss is limited loss of use of a limb, and classification loss is severe loss of use of a limb.

Insurance companies try to force you back to work when they think there is a possibility you won't be able to work at all, in order to make a legal case for your capabilities. Returning to work could be considered grounds for the application of a scheduled loss, rather than a classification loss. Beware. Do not put yourself in danger medically due to pressure from an insurance company. They are master manipulators.

(11-05-2013, 09:09 PM)dbowlin1414 Wrote: Thats what I was told, I think don't have a very good lawyer.. What I meant was, if I don't show up, then I have no job.. the lawyer stated that if I get fired, that it will cap my benefits, plus i will not get as much of a settlement because I got fired. The only reason I am being fired is because I have no way to work, my doctor has me no driving at all


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